London Eye with a Baby

Travelling with an infant doesn’t mean spending all your time at the zoo or aquarium. In fact, unless your baby is nearing toddlerhood, they likely won’t have much of an attention span for a zoo anyways. So what can you do with a baby in London? Here are five ideas:

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London with a baby

Strollers aren’t allowed but they do offer a hip carry for you upon entrance. The best part is they give free audio guides so most people are very quiet! Great place for your baby to nap. At the end your baby can burn off some steam in the Family Pavilion (if they are mobile).

Tower of London

Tower of London with a baby and stroller

Cobblestone streets and plenty of stairs may make you shy away, but bring a baby carrier and park your stroller at the “buggy parking”. Now it’s time to explore! 

Buggy Parking at Tower of London

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea in London with a baby

Not something you would first consider, but your baby may be ready for an afternoon snack at this time. Why not have a little cuppa along with a snack someplace with a view? 

National Gallery

National Gallery in London with a baby

Everyone is quietly perusing the interconnected rooms as they talk in hushed voices about the art surrounding them. Another great place to quietly take in some culture as your baby sleeps.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral London with a baby

You can avoid carrying your stroller up the front steps by using the accessible entrance, but don’t forget a baby carrier to climb all the way up to the Golden Gallery. You’ll be glad for the cool breeze along with the spectacular views after carrying your baby up all those stairs. 

Have you travelled to London with an infant? Do you have any other recommendations? We would love to hear about them!

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