We say “Baby Can Cruise”! (Part 1 of 2)

We say "Baby Can Cruise"! From flying tips to the pros and cons of taking a baby on a cruise. Read more at http://www.BabyCanTravel.com/blog

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Our guest writer, Melanie, gives valuable insight into taking a cruise with a baby! In this part one of a two part series she explains why a cruise was the perfect vacation for their family (read Part 2 here).

She also explains how they managed that dreaded flying (it’s not always so bad). And finally, her list of pros and cons will be invaluable to help prepare you for taking your baby on a cruise!

We took the plunge and decided to take our ten month old on a Mediterranean cruise this spring. Having chosen Italy and Greece as our desired destinations, it made sense to select a cruise that hit our top location picks. It was a plethora of “firsts”… first time traveling overseas with baby, first time cruising, and first time seeing the Mediterranean. It was bound to be the first of many, or so we hoped. Cruising with a baby seemed like the perfect choice for multi-site visiting, mainly due to the convenience of unpacking just once. We chose the 11 night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise with Celebrity Cruises, embarking and disembarking in Rome, Italy.

Flying with Baby

Overseas flights with babies are always challenging whether you have a cheerful, calm baby or a spirited, intense baby. We were blessed with a mixture between cheerful and spirited as a natural temperament for our son, so we expected the worst on the 9 hour flight from Calgary to Amsterdam.


We flew KLM, which we would recommend to any parent with a baby under 10KG for the simple fact that in the 30th row of economy class there is a bassinet, (yes a bassinet!), that can be secured to the wall in front of you. This means that when baby falls asleep, you can slip him into the bassinet, secure the safety zip and rest your weary arms (and nerves) for a short duration. Heavenly.

Flying with a baby

We started off the flight fully equipped with an array of endless finger foods, favorite toys, books and most importantly, with the attitude that this could go terribly, terribly badly. We were pleasantly surprised. Despite our son’s constant need for activity, we were able to keep him somewhat entertained. It required some creativity such as coercing our seat neighbors into games of hide and seek, endless trips up and down the aisles, and sitting on the floor in front of our seat playing/eating/drinking and nursing. Thank God for nursing. 


Our short layover in Amsterdam was spent mostly stretching ours and baby’s legs, then the flight to Rome was a sleep session for mom and baby alike (this time, no bassinet). An email to the hotel in Rome ensured a playpen in the room for baby, already set up with its own linens and miniature pillow. A successful commute to the Mediterranean, check.

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Cruising with Baby

When we told our friends and family about our plan to cruise with our son, the reactions seemed to polarize. Some people thought it was an ideal way to see multiple places in the Mediterranean, while others looked at us with pity and genuine fear for our well being.


Here is a list of experience-based pros and cons from our trip:


  • One room, unlimited stops: Unpacking once is a dream when diapers, bibs, play pens, and toys are involved. Any length of cruise and this is still a definite benefit.
Take a cruise with a baby.
Greece with a baby

  • Kids Club play area: Most ships have a kids club that is a safe and colorful play place for children. It’s a great place to meet other parents as well.
Cruise with a baby
  • Stroller ease: All ships are equipped for wheelchairs so strollers are perfect to get around the ship.
Greece with a baby
cruise with a baby

  • Cafeteria selection: Guaranteed you will find finger food options for your baby that will be different and delicious every day.
Cruise with a baby
  • The service, WOW: Cruises are notorious for the quality of the service staff and on our cruise they did not disappoint. Special requests such as 2% milk brought daily to our room were seamless.
  • Balcony “privacy”: When baby is asleep for the night, why not sit on the balcony and enjoy a glass of wine as a couple? We would highly recommend splurging a bit and getting a balcony.
Cruising... the perfect family vacation...  cruisedirect.com


  • Tight space: Our son could stand up in his play pen and touch our bed, this can be distracting for little ones seeing their parents in the middle of the night.
  • Pool rules: Some ships do not allow babies in swim diapers in the pools, be sure to check before booking if this is a deal breaker.
  • Showers only: Our son cried during “bath time” for the first seven nights.
  • Nightlife, or lack thereof: A big part of cruising is the nightlife, from shows to casinos to five course meals, all included in the price. We missed most of this experience as a couple, even though our baby’s bedtime stretched to 9pm.
  • Early mornings: Excursions can start as early as 7am, and getting ready in the morning with a baby is a challenge even without an alarm clock.

In Part 2 of this series, our guest writer, Melanie, gives a list of “must-have” gear to bring along PLUS her number one tip to maximize your experience.

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We say "Baby Can Cruise"! From flying tips to the pros and cons of taking a baby on a cruise. Read more at http://www.BabyCanTravel.com/blog
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  • #1

    Susan (Mel's Cousin) (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 04:27)

    I've travelled extensively with my son (albeit not while as a toddler, rather as a 3 - 11 year old) including 4 trips to Europe for extended travels - 6 weeks in France anyone? How about a month in Italy? Three weeks in Greece, Turkey, and Malta? What about London, Amsterdam, Brussels? And I couldn't agree with Mel more. A bit of careful planning, a willingness to be flexible, and a positive attitude are all you need to have an enjoyable experience. My advice: Go for it!

  • #2

    Celine Brewer (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 08:01)


    That's great advice! We believe travelling with a baby can be fun and rewarding.

    It sounds like you've had some wonderful trips as well! I am willing to bet your son has some wonderful memories from all that travel!

    Thank you for visiting our site!