Barcelona – 6 Reasons You Should Take Your Baby

Barcelona was the first trip we took our daughter on when she was 3 months old. But why did we choose Barcelona as our first destination as new parents?

We sometimes wonder how we will be able to visit all the places we’d like to go on our ever expanding “must-see” list. There’s only one way that we know how… just keep travelling! As you can tell by our website, we weren’t willing to put our wanderlust on the shelf when we found out we were expecting our first child. We made a pact that once we had our daughter, if we felt we could manage a trip with her we would do it when she was 3-4 months old as we had heard so many times that this was a great age to travel with a baby.

Baby Can Travel Barcelona Travel Guides

Our daughter arrived in July and by August we made the decision that we would do it – we were going to take our first family trip! But where? Here was our criteria:

  • Our first priority was to go somewhere that was safe and had access to good health care (just in case…). 
  • We wanted it to be somewhere neither of us had been before. 
  • We would be travelling in October, so we wanted it to be someplace warm enough for us to be outside without it being too hot or too cold.
  • We love to walk. If we were going to spend a week in a city, it had to be someplace where we could walk everywhere. 
  • We wanted a mix of indoor and outdoor options to hedge against rain or heat. 
  • And finally, we did not want to bring our car seat/stroller system. We wanted to go someplace that we could fly into, take public transportation into the city centre then explore on foot.

Barcelona fit our criteria perfectly!

  • Barcelona is a safe city, aside from some petty crime. We knew we would have access to good health care and we didn’t require any additional immunizations (for us or our daughter).
  • We had mostly left Europe untouched in our previous travels, so it seemed like a great option. Neither of us had ever been to Spain and it was a relatively easy set of flights from Calgary, Canada; we took an overnight to London then a quick 2 hour flight from there.
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Flights
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  • October was a perfect time to visit Barcelona. The temperatures hovered around 24 °C / 75 °F each day which enabled us to be outside most of time. October can be the start of the rainy season, but we lucked out with only overcast days. In addition, we were able to enjoy eating all our meals outside – a luxury that we rarely get in Canada.
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Great Outdoor Restaurants

Staying in Spain longer? Here are some tips on Madrid with a toddler.

  • Barcelona is a very walkable city. Even with the stroller, we had no issues walking to almost every attraction we wanted to see.
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Stroller Friendly
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Baby Carrier
  • It didn’t rain on our trip, but we were still happy to have the indoor activities to get an occasional break from the sun.  Between the museums, exploring the old city, beaches and parks we could easily mix indoor and outdoor activities each day.
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Sagrada Familia
6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Baby to Barcelona - Babies love aqauriums
  • With a little research, we determined that the Aerobus was the perfect solution to getting into the city from the airport without having to lug our car seat around. We made sure our flights aligned with the operating hours of the Aerobus then made sure to pack lightly! (If the bus isn’t for you, see Barcelona’s other baby friendly airport transportation options)

Where was your first family trip? How did you choose that destination? Comment below…

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