NYC Attractions – Stroller vs Baby Carrier

Going to NYC with a baby and unsure of whether to bring your stroller or a baby carrier? Here are our recommendations for 5 top attractions in NYC:

Empire State Building

Empire State Building with a baby

You may bring a stroller to the Empire State Building, but it must be collapsed to go through the airport-style security checks, in the elevators and again on the observation decks. The observation decks at the Empire State Building are usually extremely crowded, making it very hard to maneuver the stroller.  It is not convenient to bring a stroller here and therefore we recommend bringing a carrier and leaving the stroller at home.

Times Square

Times Square with a baby

Times Square is a stretch of six city blocks. Though it’s easy to walk here with a stroller, Times Square can get extremely crowded which may make it less fun to push a stroller. We recommend using a carrier while visiting Times Square.

American Museum of Natural History

Natural History Museum with a baby

The entire museum is stroller friendly. The stroller entrance can be found on the north end of the museum on 81st Street. You can get from floor-to-floor via elevators. Your only frustration may be waiting for an empty elevator as they are quite busy. Since the museum is large and will take some time to explore, we recommend using a stroller here.

Statue of Liberty

NYC Statue of Liberty with a baby

You will be able to access all areas of the island with a stroller. The one notable exception is that you must pay to store your stroller if you wish to go inside the statue. In order to take full advantage of your visit to the Statue of Liberty, we recommend bringing both a stroller and a baby carrier for this outing.

New York Yankees Game

New York Yankees game with a baby

Strollers are allowed within Yankee Stadium, however they expect you to store them under your seats. If your stroller is too big to store under your seats, you can leave it with the Guest Relations department, adjacent to Gate 6 in the Great Hall. That’s a nice option, but travelling to and from the game with the crowds will make pushing a stroller not very enjoyable. In addition, you may have trouble fitting on the subway with your stroller unless you arrive at the game early and leave late. We recommend using a carrier for this outing.

Have you been to NYC with a baby? Which attractions did you find that weren’t stroller friendly?

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