Paris with a baby

Bringing a stroller on your trip to Paris can be worth the effort, despite what your internet research might tell you.  Be prepared to carry it up and down a lot of the stairs if you use the metro, but you’ll be glad you had it for many of the attractions.  For other attractions, you’ll want to leave it behind and just bring your baby in the baby carrier.

Here are our recommendations for 5 top attractions in Paris:

Travelling to Paris with a baby? Here are our recommendations for bringing a stroller vs a baby carrier for the top sights in Paris. #travelwithbaby #paris #france #babytravel #toddlertravel #baby #toddler #familytravel

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe with a baby

We do not recommend bringing a stroller to the Arc de Triomphe for two reasons:

  1. The Arc de Triomphe sits in the middle of the largest traffic circle in the world.  In order to access it, you need to take an underground passage which takes you under the circle.  The only way in and out of the passageway is via a set of stairs.  Of course, stairs are still manageable with a stroller, it’s just an inconvenience.
  2. You are unable to bring your stroller to the top of the Arc.  There is an elevator which will take you halfway up, but from there the only way to the top is via a tight spiral staircase which makes bringing a stroller infeasible.
Climbing stairs at Arc de Triomphe with a baby

The Louvre

Louvre Paris with a stroller and baby

In theory, the Louvre is stroller accessible. It has many sets of elevators to take you between floors, but often when you arrive at a new floor you can only go in one direction (and not the one you had hoped).  In addition, within each floor, there are often sets of stairs between rooms.  With a museum this large, a stroller comes in handy, but be prepared to have to carry it up or down flights of stairs.  This isn’t the end of the world, but it is a bit inconvenient.

The Louvre in Paris with a baby

Eiffel Tower

View of Eiffel Tower

You will be able to bring your stroller up the Eiffel Tower only if it is small and folds up.  There are small sets of stairs on each of the levels which will make navigation difficult.  Given the limited usefulness of the stroller up the tower, we recommend not bringing a stroller and using a baby carrier for this visit.

Climbing stairs at Eiffel Tower in Paris with a baby

Palace of Versailles

Palace de Versailles Paris day trip

The main plaza in front of the palace is made up of big cobblestones, which will make things very bumpy for your little one.  The gardens are fully accessible by stroller but the pathway is rarely paved and is often bumpy. 

Walking with baby in stroller at the Palace de Versailles

Strollers are not permitted within the palace, so bring your baby carrier or wrap.  The gardens are so big that you will likely want to have your stroller and thankfully, they have a place to store your stroller while you tour the palace.

Musée D’Orsay

Musee D'Orsay in Paris France

You will be able to visit most of Musée d’Orsay with your stroller without effort.  If you want to see all of it, be prepared to lift your stroller up and down a few sets of stairs and/or bring it on an escalator.  There are a few elevators in the building, but they don’t take you to the very top.


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A stroller or baby carrier is suitable in Paris. You'll want to bring both as you won't want a stroller for all the sights! #travelwithbaby #paris #babycarrier #stroller #travelstroller #babygear #babytravel #toddlertravel

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