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If you’ve seen any pictures of me in transit on our trips, you might ask why I’m always wearing the same thing. Don’t I have any other clothes? Well, yes and no. I do wear something similar every time because what I wear is very functional for the travel day. The other side of it is that I’ve been between maternity clothes, nursing clothes, “in-between sizes” clothes, “stay at home with baby/toddler” clothes and back to maternity clothes for the past 3 years. So I haven’t done a lot of shopping…Anyone else relate? 

Bay Can Travel - Nursing While on Vacation - Clothing Recommendations

So here is my “travel uniform”:

Starting with my feet, I always wear a pair of comfortable shoes – usually my Converse sneakers. We spend a lot of time walking around the airport before a flight, especially a long haul flight. We often need to give our baby a nap and this is the best way to guarantee sleep.

Flights often mean a lot of sitting, so next is a pair of comfy pants. I love my studio pants and will often wear those. They are light enough that if we are going to a warm destination, I won’t overheat when we land. Plus, they have pockets – super important when you need both your hands!

On my top, I will always wear a nursing tank top with a t-shirt over top. I do this for multiple reasons. When I’m feeding baby, I can just lift my t-shirt and my entire stomach and back isn’t exposed. The t-shirt lifted also works to partially cover. If I get barfed or pooped on, I can just take my t-shirt off (it happens!). This saves me from bringing a second (or third) shirt, since I can get away with just wearing my tank-top. I will also bring a light jacket or sweater. You never can guess what the temperature on that airplane might be.

Finally, I will almost always wear a large, lightweight scarf. I’m a big proponent of multi-use items. I can use my scarf as a nursing cover (if I choose), a blanket for baby, to keep me warm or as a pillow for my toddler. 

What about accessories? I love a pretty teething necklace such as the ones by Squishy’s Teething Accessories.   My newest find is this great nursing bracelet, called the NursEletTM. You will definitely see me wearing it on our next trip… Have I mentioned how much I love a multi-purpose item? This handy bracelet’s main duty is to hold up your shirt when breastfeeding but it also doubles as a bracelet to let you know which side to feed on next. It was even featured in Fit Pregnancy!

That’s it. Comfortable and functional – perfect for the airplane and a long travel day.

Note: Baby Can Travel did not receive any free goods as part of this promotion. I purchased my own NursEletTM and teething necklace because I thought they were great products and wanted to support fellow moms.

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