Placa del Riel Barcelona with a baby

Going to Barcelona with a baby and unsure of whether to bring your stroller or a baby carrier? Here are our recommendations for 5 top attractions in Barcelona:

Here's a list of what to use where in Barcelona with a baby! Some sights are best seen with a stroller and some with a baby carrier. #barcelona #travelwithbaby #stroller #babycarrier #babytravelgear #travelgear #baby #toddlertravel #familytravel #spain
Barcelona with a baby
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La Catedral

La Catedral Barcelona with a baby

The main entrance to La Catedral is at the top of a flight of stairs, approximately 10-15 steps high.  There is an alternate entrance on Plaça de Sant Lu (facing the Marès Museum) which is more stroller friendly, but you must contact security before being allowed to use this entrance.  Once inside the church, you can explore most of the areas with little issue, but be aware that some areas can only be accessed via steps. 

La Catedral Barcelona with a stroller

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La Sagrada Família

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona with a stroller

Not all areas of La Sagrada Família are accessible for strollers.  In addition, it is so busy inside that it can be difficult to maneuver at times.  That being said, the line up to enter can be quite long and you won’t have any protection from the sun for your baby.  We recommend going with your stroller but bringing a baby carrier as well. 

Sagrada Familia and Park Guell Private Guided Family Tour in Barcelona

Baby in carrier at La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

La Pedrera

La Pedrera Casa Mila with a baby carrier

All areas of this attraction are accessible by stroller, with the exception of the roof.  The rooftop chimneys are one of the main attractions at La Pedrera, but unfortunately the rooftop is nothing but rolling stairs – up and down, up and down.  If you do bring a stroller, there is a small viewing platform on the rooftop just outside the elevator.  We recommend visiting this attraction with a baby carrier instead so you can enjoy the entire attraction.

Casa Mila with a baby

Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

Museu D'historia Barcelona with a baby

Museu d’Historia de Barcelona – MUHBA (Plaça del Rei location)  is actually an archaeological dig site, which has been covered by a building.  Visitors tour the dig site by walking on elevated pathways.  These pathways are very tight and it is not very easy to maneuver a stroller through them.  The corners are tight and there is not enough space to let another visitor pass you if they are coming the opposite direction.  Some exhibits are only accessible via stairs.  You will be much better off carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier.

Museu D'historia Barcelona with a stroller

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Park Güell

Park Guell with a baby in stroller

Park Güell is a very interesting place with many different areas to explore.  Unfortunately, Park Güell is not completely stroller friendly, so if you bring a stroller you will be limited to where you can go.  The only paved pathways are the main artery and a few of the paths which lead off the main pathway.  If you wish to explore all the areas of the park, you will be better off bringing a wrap or carrier for your baby to this park.

Park Guell with a baby in Barcelona Spain

Sagrada Familia and Park Guell Private Guided Family Tour in Barcelona

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Travelling to Barcelona with a baby? Bring a stroller and baby carrier for the ultimate flexibility! Here's a list of what to use where. #barcelona #travelwithbaby #stroller #babycarrier #babytravelgear #travelgear #baby #toddlertravel #familytravel #spain

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