5 Top Sights in NYC

If you are going to NYC for the first time, likely you will want to see all the top sights like the Empire State Building, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Here are 5 additional sights you can add to your list. These may be less obvious, but you and your baby will both enjoy them! 

Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park with a baby

Sitting on the shore of the East River in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, this eighty-five acre park offers world class views of the Manhattan skyline. It’s a great place to stop and enjoy the views before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Stroller Accessibility

The park has paved pathways and is fully accessible by stroller.

Places to Breastfeed

There is a beautiful, well treed park called Cadman Plaza Park right outside the High Street subway station. There are many shaded park benches, which makes this a very nice place to stop. 

Cadman Plaza Brooklyn with a baby

Within the Brooklyn Bridge Park, there are also lots of park benches and nice shade trees to sit under. The park is quite busy, so you may have trouble finding privacy if you prefer it.

Interesting for Baby

There is a playground specifically for kids aged 0-4 at Pier 1, a beach at Pier 4 and a sandbox at Pier 6.      

If your baby is old enough to sit upright, the carousel within the Empire Fulton Ferry section of the park will be fun for them

Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Our Experience

After a 10 minute walk through some charming Brooklyn streets, we found the Main Street and Empire Fulton Ferry sections of the park. The views of the Brooklyn Bridge in front of the Financial District’s skyscrapers are breathtaking. You will not find many views better than this! We spent around 30 minutes in the park enjoying the sights and taking lots of pictures. Our daughter had fallen asleep in the stroller, so we didn’t get to take her on the carousel as we had hoped, instead we continued on to go across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Top of the Rock

View from Top of the Rock NYC with a baby

A three story observation deck on the 67th, 69th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Center, the Top of the Rock is a fun alternative to the Empire State Building.

Stroller Accessibility

The Top of the Rock is fully stroller accessible, however their rules state the stroller must be collapsible.

Top of the Rock NYC with a baby

Places to Breastfeed

The most convenient place to breastfeed in this area is to go to a restaurant. There are also many plazas around Rockefeller Center which have places you can sit, but be prepared for it to be very crowded.

Interesting for Baby

If your infant is old enough to notice that they are up high, then there might be a slight chance this attraction will appeal to your baby. Most likely though, they will not notice what the big deal is. As with most places in NYC, there will be plenty of people watching for your baby to do!

View of Empire State Building NYC with a baby

Our Experience

The Top of the Rock was one block from our hotel and was a fairly straightforward attraction which we could control how long we stayed. We were able to fit this in after our daughter’s afternoon nap. Thankfully the ticket line wasn’t very long. We were on our way in about 5 minutes.

The elevator ride up to the 67th floor took less than a minute. Once at the top, the incredible views are everywhere. They have thick glass panels from the floor which you can look through to get unobstructed views of NYC. Rockefeller Center’s ideal location provides sweeping views of Central Park to the north, the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center to the south.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry to see Statue of Liberty NYC

Though it is officially in service to transport commuters between the boroughs of Staten Island and Manhattan, many tourists take advantage of this free ferry service to  enjoy the excellent views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline.

Stroller Accessibility

You can easily take a stroller onto the ferry, but the outside areas where people crowd in to get pictures of the Statue of Liberty will be too crowded for you to bring your stroller.

Places to Breastfeed

There are seats in the terminal which you can use for breastfeeding. Alternately, there are plenty of seats available on the ferry. Most of the passengers will be outside taking pictures, so you should be able to find somewhere reasonably private.

Staten Island Ferry With a Baby

Interesting for Baby

Your baby will enjoy interacting with the other passengers.

Our Experience

About five minutes after departure the ferry approached the Statue of Liberty. We got close enough to get a decent view of it, but had difficulties getting a good picture as people were jockeying for position.

By the way, the crowds do not look any better on the Statue of Liberty cruise boats that charge fees. From what we could see, they are just as overcrowded!

Once the ferry passed the Statue of Liberty, the madness subsided a little bit. We took a stroll to the back of the ferry to get a spectacular view of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Twenty minutes after departure, we arrived in Staten Island and we had to disembark the ferry. Like most people on the ferry, we weren’t staying so we followed the crowd to reboard the ferry for an immediate return trip.

NYC with a baby travel tips

The High Line

Walking the High Line NYC with a stroller

An excellent example of urban renewal, this 1.5 mile/2.4km long park was created within a disused section of an elevated railroad track. Walking through the park is a fun and easy way to see the trendy Manhattan neighborhoods of Chelsea and the Meatpacking District.

Stroller Accessibility

There are five elevators along the route which allow for easy access with a stroller up to the park: Gansevoort Street, 14th Street, West 16th Street, 23rd Street and West 30th Street. Once up in the park, you will have no issues with your stroller.

Walking the High Line with a baby
Manhattan with a baby travel tips

Places to Breastfeed

The High Line Park is a very long, yet narrow park. There are lots of park benches to sit on, but it takes a little work to find one that gives a little privacy. It is possible though, just keep an eye out.

Interesting for Baby

If you visit in spring or summer, there are plenty of beautiful flowers blooming that an infant in a stroller might enjoy.

Our Experience

After eating our delicious tacos for lunch at the Chelsea Market, we walked a block to the 14th Street elevator and within seconds we were up in the park. It was time to feed our daughter, so we looked for a park bench with a little privacy. It took a few minutes, but we found one.

The urban designers did a wonderful job with this former eyesore, turning it into a beautiful park which gives the public a chance at seeing the city from a unique perspective. We especially enjoyed the varied architecture surrounding the pathway – ranging from classic NYC style brick buildings, to ultra modern, creative and playful buildings. The views of the Empire State Building weren’t bad either…

Our only complaint was that it was over too quickly! It took us just over 30 minutes to walk from end to end. Aside from that, we really enjoyed it.

View from the High Line

New York Yankees

New York Yankees game with a baby

What is more American than baseball? And who is better at baseball than the Yankees? They have won more World Series’ than any other team in Major League Baseball. Going to see a New York Yankees game in the Bronx is a great excuse to leave Manhattan.

Stroller Accessibility

Strollers are allowed within Yankee Stadium, however they expect you to store them under your seats. If your stroller is too big to store under your seats, you can leave it with the Guest Relations department, adjacent to Gate 6 in the Great Hall.

New York Yankees Game with a baby

Places to Breastfeed

According to stadium policy, a mother may feed her child in any public area she is comfortable doing so. During the game, the stairs between the stadium levels will afford a degree of privacy, but if you want more privacy there is a room at the Guest Relations desk, by Gate 6 in the Great Hall.

Interesting for Baby

The size of the stadium is kind of interesting, the music is fun and the people watching will keep them busy for most of the game.

Baseball game with a baby in NYC

Our Experience

Our daughter’s nap went a little long, so we didn’t arrive until the beginning of the third inning. It worked out well as we missed the game crowds on the subway.

Our tickets were very high up in section 416 (in the Grandstand Level) to ensure we got seats in the shade. We took advantage of the elevators which run from the Grand Hall to the 300-400 levels, rather than walk up the ramps to get to our seats. Once we settled into our seats, it was no surprise that our daughter went right to work at making faces at the people around her. As usual, the New Yorkers loved that and got right into the fun.

New York with a baby travel tips

Our daughter got tired after a few innings, so Celine took her in the carrier and walked around the concourse level until she fell asleep, leaving Dan to watch the game. She stayed asleep until the bottom of the eighth inning, when we left to beat the crowds. Looking around, at least half the people leaving a little early had a baby with them! Ha-ha!

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