Stay Active Outside With Your Baby in Winter

Feeling a little stir crazy from being stuck in the house this winter?  Or planning a family holiday to a cold destination?  Rest easy knowing that there are many activities you can do outside in the winter with your baby.  Having the proper winter gear is essential to keep your baby warm and happy while you enjoy your time in a winter wonderland.

Here are five fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with your baby this winter: 

Everything we recommend in this post is gear that we own and have purchased ourselves. This post contains compensated links.

Winter Walks with a Baby

Walking with a baby and toddler

Let’s start simple.  If it’s your first winter with your baby and you are testing out new winter gear, it’s best to start with a walk close to home.  This will allow you to quickly get back to the warmth of your house if your baby starts to feel cold.  

You have two options for carrying your baby on your winter walks: a stroller or baby carrier.  A stroller with large wheels or with attached skis (like these) will get you through deep snow.  A weather shield is a great addition to help keep your baby toasty warm. 

If you choose to use a baby carrier, a jacket extender is a low cost option to consider.  Not only will it allow you to wear your own jacket, but if you are travelling it’s small to pack and it will allow you to switch off with your spouse. 

Winter Hikes with a Baby

hiking with a baby in the winter

As you become more comfortable being out in winter weather with your baby, you can start heading further afield.  Winter hiking with a baby is a great option before the snow and ice make the trails a little more tricky.  Be prepared with a set of boot spikes (such as Kahtoola microspikes) in case you do run into some slippery trails.

For your baby, you can either carry them in a baby carrier (inside your jacket with a jacket extender) or a backpack carrier (we use the Deuter Kid Comfort III see our full review here) if it’s not too cold.

Snowshoeing with a Baby

snowshoeing with a baby in a chariot with ski attachement

It might be time to trade in the microspikes for snowshoes when the snow starts to fall. There are three options for taking your baby out snowshoeing based on the trail and the weather. On really cold days your best options to keep your baby warm are a bike trailer (such as a Thule Chariot) with ski attachments or a baby carrier inside your jacket. Given its width, the bike trailer may limit your options for trails.

snowshoeing with a baby in a backpack carrier

If it’s a warm winter day and your baby is at a suitable age for a backpack carrier, you will have plenty of options for trails and don’t have to worry about getting too sweaty with a baby inside your jacket.

See all our recommended hiking backpack carriers for babies and toddlers here.

Cross-Country Skiing with a Baby

If you are an avid cross-country skier, you don’t have to give it up.  With a pulk or a bike trailer with the ski attachment, you can still enjoy getting out.  With any luck the rhythmic motion will get your baby to sleep while you enjoy your workout!

Skating with a Baby

skating with a baby in a sled

Skating is a wonderful winter activity.  Find an outdoor skating rink and enjoy gliding across the ice as a family.  Your options for taking your baby can be either in a stroller or in a small sled. A weather shield for your stroller or sled will ensure your baby doesn’t get too cold.

Remember to check on your baby periodically to ensure they are still warm as they won’t be generating any heat from moving.

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