101 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Baby

When I first started down this path to curating all these answers, it really was just a fun idea. Some crazy idea I had while out for a walk. It seemed like a good way to generate some content for our blog and our social media channels. But as I continued to reach out to more and more people to get their reason “why”, I started to get comments back about how much they enjoyed our Instagram feed and our website. People told me they found it inspirational. Then it hit me… of course, that is WHY we do it.

When we first started Baby Can Travel it was after the return of our first trip to Barcelona with our 3 month old daughter. We were so in love with the idea of travelling with our kids and we had just proven to ourselves that it could not only be done but be enjoyable. We HAD to let everyone else know! We had to help other parents keep travelling once they had kids. Our mission was to encourage, support and inspire other parents to do the same.

At the time we didn’t know a lot of other people having kids and travelling, but our original idea was to create a community of parents travelling with their little ones. Who knew we just needed to get on Instagram earlier to find all these amazing parents….

So here we are. This is not only a collection of reasons “Why You Should Travel With Your Baby”, but a community of like-minded parents who love travel and love doing it with their babies and toddlers. 

We invite you to grab a coffee and read through this post (it’s long we know), be inspired, and more importantly take the time to get to know some of these incredible parents. Follow them on Instagram and let them know you love what they are doing! 

Finally, we ask that use this post to inspire someone else. Share it. Show others that you don’t have to stop travelling when you have kids. When someone tells you your travelling days are over because you have a baby, point them in our direction.

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NOTE: Some of the answers might seem similar, but if you take the time to really read them you’ll feel the individual personalities behind each answer and I guarantee you will leave these pages inspired to get out travelling!

1. “Traveling with our baby has brought us to places which we will never go as a couple. It also stretches our horizon and limits as we love to challenge ourselves with the things we can do with a baby. At the end of each trip, we had a closer bond and sometimes find out more about our baby. A family that travels together stay together through hardship and happiness!”

By Adeline of @lilmsraelyn

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2. “Having had the travel bug for a long time, my husband and I never thought we could enjoy traveling more, until we stared traveling with our daughter! #coratheexplorer

We booked our first overseas adventure to Sri Lanka and the Maldives before she was even born, so that we didn’t chicken out! It was by far our best trip ever!”

By Angela of @finding.the.fun

Reason to travel with your baby

3. “We love traveling with our twins, because we are relaxed away from the city and we can enjoy them more. Also, we were avid travelers before I was pregnant and we want to keep on traveling the world – with the twins!”

By Anna of @dreamista.gr & 

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4. “My husband and I travel with our 18 month old daughter, Merritt, to ensure she experiences the world. Plus we love making memories as a family!”

By Ashlee of @ashlee.schrafft

5. “Traveling has always been important to us. For all the reasons that travel is important to most people – a sense of adventure, discovering new sights, smells and sounds. 

But traveling with our daughter has opened our eyes to our strengths as a family. It has also given us the gift of time. If you ever want time to speed up, have a baby. Between work, commutes and other day to day requirements family time is usually limited to weekends. Travel gives you the opportunity to spend all day, every day with one another and to reconnect as a family. You are forced to problem solve, be resilient, and adapt to the unplanned. But most important, you get to make memories.

For this gift, we are grateful, and will always make travel a priority for our family.”

By Courtney of @fromyowwithlove & https://fromyowwithlove.com/

6. “This was the first trip we took with Axel and discovered the amazing warmth of the locals while traveling with him. Travelling with a baby really broke down the barriers and we ended up speaking with so many locals that normally wouldn’t have bat an eyelid at us.”

By Dana of @mondays_child_ 

7. “Why we travel with our baby?  Travel together gives my husband a chance to bond with our daughter in a way that’s hard to duplicate in the regular day to day at home. It gives us the chance to experience the world through her wide eyes and become closer as a result.”

By Erin of @erinmarisha

Why I travel with my baby

8. “So often I find myself being too busy or distracted in the midst of everyday life to be the Mom I truly want to be. Something about exploring a new place forces you to just be present which is the best gift you can give to your family.”

By Jaime of @jaimekgordon

9. “I travel with my baby, because why not! 

My husband and I have always been drawn to exploring, learning about different cultures and trying different foods! Most importantly travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn! We are grateful to share these experiences with our daughter!”

By Jennifer of @jenniiiferrrj

10. “As long as I can remember, traveling has always been my hearts happy place. There is just something phenomenal about that feeling you get when you are in a new place, soaking up every detail & just letting your heart be exactly where its MEANT to be…which is on the road. Now that I am married and a mom to one very busy 9 month old, that longing to be anywhere and everywhere has multiplied dramatically. Experiences are worth so much more than anything else in my opinion and getting to share them all with your child is perfection. Building memories and teaching him about different cultures is something I look forward to doing for years to come! One day when he’s older, he will have the coolest stories to tell & I am just happy that we get to be a part of them.”

By Kendra from @hereverwanderingmind

11. “We’ve always been big on travel and we want to share that passion with our daughter. We’re very grateful that we can spend this first year together as a family and travel at the same time. For us it actually worked out cheaper to live abroad for the year then to live in wet and cold London, so we knew where we’d rather be! 

I know some people couldn’t think of anything worse than travelling with a baby, but it’s all about your mindset. We’re quite easy going people and to us we’d be enjoying those special moments and tackling first year challenges wherever we are, so why not do it in a lovely little spot of paradise?”

By Kim of @_nomadic_mama

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12. “Travel has always been an important part of my life. My parents instilled the travel bug in me and I hope to pass it to my littles. Though we haven’t gone far yet, we have had the opportunity to introduce our daughter to a few places.”

By Kyleen of @kyyrose04

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travel with babies & toddlers

13. “We travel with our toddler (Noë) because we want her to be exposed to different experiences including people, food, culture, music, art and scenery. We are a multicultural family with ancestry from all over the world.”

By Melissa of @DoeEyedNoe

14. “We travel the world with Cirque du Soleil, moving every few weeks, so it’s important to try to slow down and enjoy family time whenever we can.”

By Sarah of @sarahmorales13

Read the guest post Sarah wrote for us here.

15. “I’ve always loved travelling and I’m incredibly fortunate that my 17 month old loves it too! Whether we’re at home in London or abroad, I watch her beautiful eyes light up with wonder when she sees new people and sights and sounds and even if she won’t remember these moments, I will and I know they will help shape her into an even more beautiful, open minded and considerate person.”

By Surayya of @surayya_a

16. “I’ve learned more traveling than in any classroom… It’s fun to see new places through the eyes of my 5 month old twins. They are amazed by the simplest sights that sometimes as an adult we take for granted. We want our babies to keep their sense of wonder and love traveling as much as we do.

They were 3 months old when we took our first trip to beautiful Iceland. While the logistics of air travel with two were a little complex, the joy to get to see a new place was priceless. Overall, it was relatively easy to travel as long as they were fed, clean and able to take naps… here they woke up just in time to see the Geyser… wow!”

By Lucia of @luchick

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17. “I love travelling with my baby who is 9 months now (8 months in the photo) because she not only makes my husband and I smile every day, she makes many strangers smile. Whether locals or tourists, we find everyone welcomes us abroad when you have a baby and we know and have been told that she has made many peoples day by smiling at them or babbling to them or touching their face. It makes others happy to see you travel happily with your baby.”

By Elizabeth of @heyitsmeliz

Travel with a baby quote

18. “We love traveling with our son Finn. It truly is magical. We really wanted to try to maintain our traveling life style once Finn arrived last August. And we’ve done a pretty good job! So far he has been to Mexico, England, Ireland and various spots across the US (we are Canadian).

We love traveling with Finn because watching him enjoy new sights, sounds, people, food, and culture is wonderful! Watching him experience everything for the first time is what I enjoy the most, and while traveling we try to visit with friends we’ve met from our travels long before Finn was in the picture. It’s pretty special and he makes each trip our best adventure yet!”

By Natasha of @Terminato9

19. “When you have a baby, nights will be filled with multiple wake ups, days will probably have meltdowns, eating healthy veggies will require negotiation, taking a bath will include a bribe (as will getting out of the bath when it’s over), getting things done will always be a challenge… no matter if you are home with your babies or out exploring the world. Might as well go through the daily challenges of parenthood while traveling and exploring exciting and new places!”

By Daniela of @a_baby_abroad & https://ababyabroad.com/

20. “My husband is a traveling consultant for 2 years and the company is generous enough to pay for me and our son Lincoln to come along too. We have been on the road so far for 10 months (since Lincoln was 6 days old!) and have traveled to 8 states so far. We will be traveling to our 9th state next week (Washington).”

By Danielle of @danielledigges

21. “I love traveling with my baby because both travelling and my son are part of my life. Being with my son without traveling, or traveling without my son, would be half done. I would miss knowing the destinations with the look of a child, I would miss the curiosities that only they can see, I would lose out on being able to share the happy moments with him and would miss opportunities to create happy moments with me in his memory. Memories last for ever.”

By Tere of @conchupeteymochila & https://conchupeteymochila.blogspot.ca/

22. “We love to travel with our baby as you get to board the plane first … only joking although that is a nice perk! The main reason we love travelling is seeing how much he learns and develops in such a short time.  Even on our first trip at 8 months, his sign language and interaction with adults he didn’t know came in leaps and bounds by having quality one on one time with both parents present and not working, cleaning up or making dinner.

It’s the undivided attention, amazing experiences and the way they remember events on holiday and recall them with such joy, from a favourite water slide, to feeding elephants to enjoying ice creams every day!

Show babies the world and they will show you an insight into theirs!”

By Rupreet of @rupeat

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Travel with your baby

23. “I travel with my babies because I want them to experience life outside our comfortable little bubble at home. It’s never easy, especially not with infant twins and a toddler, but it’s ALWAYS worth it. Silas and Ezra are now almost 10 months old and have taken three family vacations to Burlington, VT, Lake Placid, NY, and Nantucket, MA. We are talking about taking our three kids to visit their Aunt in Scotland in a few months!”

By Mary of @bartranboysandme

24. “We love traveling with our daughter, because we really enjoy discovering the world through her eyes. While saying that it can be exhausting is to state the obvious, most people forget to mention that it’s also way more fun! You are less likely to rush from place to place and more likely to enjoy the experience as it comes. Being with her while we travel has allowed us to be more present, noticing sights and sounds and experiences we might not have otherwise!”

By Leila of @itisleila & https://belikedarya.com/

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25. “We believe a baby is no reason to slow down and stop travelling if this is something you are really passionate about. In our case, it gives us richer experiences than we could possibly get back home. It also allows us to combine work with family time very easily and create everlasting memories in stunning destinations.”

By Madalena of @ontheroadwitholivia

26. “We travel with our baby because we believe it helps us connect as a family by going to new places together. We also believe travel helps make us (and him) more flexible and offers global perspective that fosters compassion for those that are different from us, and an awareness of life outside of our comfort zone.”

By Kara of @tropicsnowflake

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27. “We travel with our little babe because we want to see the world through her eyes. The look of awe and joy when she sees something for the first time or all the fun she has running around Jardin des Tuileries; we saw another Paris with her around. And honestly, we’d miss her if she wasn’t with us.”

By Abby of @mrsabbys & https://farbeyondthejewels.com

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28. “We love travelling with our family. We are all at our happiest and most relaxed when we are away. A happy wife means a happy life for everyone! 

We enjoy exposing our kids to different foods and getting us all out of our everyday routine. We love the heat, sun & beach. I’m 43 and travelling keeps me young! We travel to Bali 3 to 4 times a year, as it’s only a 3 hour flight from Perth Western Australia.”

By Elyse of @mumspassport

Inspiration to travel with baby

29. “We love to travel with our baby, as it makes you stop and smell the flowers, chase the butterflies and really take in the sights and sounds of this fascinating big wide world! 

(We also like the wee added bonuses, like skipping customs and airport security queues when you have a baby in tow!)”

By  Rebecca of @chasingsummerfamily  & https://chasingsummerfamily.com/

30. “We love to travel with our two daughters because travel is the best education they’ll ever get. I love seeing the world through their eyes. I travel a lot for work and take my 6-month old with me – she’s been on 20 flights already! I can’t wait to see how their views of the world change as they grow. For now my oldest is never as excited as when she sees the luggage come out.”

By Christy of @winetastingmama

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