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As parents, we are all guilty of filling our houses with all sorts of baby toys. The good news is that when traveling, I realized that our baby really doesn’t need that much! I make sure to pack a few favorite baby travel toys to entertain our baby on the plane and when on-the-go. One item I love to include on my packing list is a baby travel mobile.

I love a portable baby mobile because I can clip it on our travel stroller or place it on the floor when our baby is in tummy time.

In this post I’ll share everything you need to know about baby travel mobiles, from what to look for to a list of the best travel baby mobiles. I’ve also included some travel inspired baby mobiles, because they are just so darn adorable! If you love travel, I am certain you’ll want one of these as a permanent fixture in your baby’s travel-inspired nursery!

a baby in car seat with travel mobile.

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Best Baby Mobiles for Travel

Travel-Inspired Baby Mobiles

Now that you've figured out which portable baby mobile is best for traveling, take a look at these adorable travel-inspired baby mobiles! They are the perfect addition to an travel-inspired nursery!

My Top Pick for a Travel Baby Mobile

I know you don’t always have time to read the full article, so here is my top pick for the best baby mobile for travel:

Overall Best Baby Mobile:

Tiny Love Pack and Go Mini Mobile – I love this super cute and versatile baby mobile as it packs up so small it fits in the palm of your hand.

4 Features to Look For in a Portable Mobile for Travel

When shopping for a portable mobile for travel, the top things I consider are how portable it is, how interesting it will be to our baby, how easy it is to attach it and most importantly, that it’s safe for our baby to use.

1. Safe To Use

It’s impossible to keep an eye on your baby at all times, which is why ensuring that your baby’s toys are safe is so important. When buying a mobile for your baby, you want to make sure that all the product parts are safe.

If any part looks sharp or uneven, return it right away. Also, check to make sure that your mobile does not come with tiny parts that could prove to be choking hazards.

a baby in travel crib playing with portable mobile.

Most importantly, I only recommend using these on car seats either as part of your travel system or when out of the car. If you are on a road trip with a baby, always make sure you can monitor your baby when using the toys.

2. Fun Colors 

Contrasting colors affect the development of the baby’s optic nerve by encouraging them to exercise and coordinate their eye muscles. That’s why it’s recommended to look for baby products and toys that feature black and white surfaces.

You can also look for different textures and patterns to further add to your baby’s multi-sensory experience of their mobile and improve their focus and concentration.

a baby in car seat playing with travel baby mobile.

3. Portability

One thing that can make traveling with a baby stressful is packing way too much! Lugging around a bunch of baby toys is just not an option. It’s a good idea to look for a portable crib mobile that is easy to latch onto your stroller or travel crib

Getting products that can be used in multiple situations will cut down on what you need to include on your baby travel checklist!

4. Ease of Use

Look for a portable mobile that is easy to fix onto your baby’s travel crib or travel stroller. You want it to be able to latch onto whichever surface you choose easily and quickly, and pack back up just as easily too.

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Best Baby Travel Mobiles

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