101 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Baby

Reasons to travel with a baby

When I first started down this path to curating all these answers, it really was just a fun idea. Some crazy idea I had while out for a walk. It seemed like a good way to generate some content for our blog and our social media channels. But as I continued to reach out to more and more people to get their reason “why”, I started to get comments back about how much they enjoyed our Instagram feed and our website. People told me they found it inspirational. Then it hit me… of course, that is WHY we do it.

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Why Travel With Young Kids

Baby Can Travel - Reasons to Travel with Small Kids

One of our first posts on Baby Can Travel included the 10 Reasons to Travel with Your Baby. As parents who were avid travelers prior to having children, we knew we wanted to continue to travel with our children and to help them grow to love travelling as well. There are times while our children are small that travelling can be a challenge, but we are committed to continue. In those difficult moments, it helps to remind ourselves of all the benefits our children will get from travelling.

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