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The Best Travel Hacks for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

best baby travel hacks

There’s a lot to think about when traveling with a baby, but if there’s one thing I know for certain it’s that parents are an extremely resourceful bunch!

Let’s be honest, we don’t have much choice in those early days, as we do most things with a small child screaming in our ear or a baby on the hip. There’s almost always some type of meltdown or poop explosion, right when we don’t need it. Some days it’s just about survival and the same goes for traveling with an infant, baby or toddler, which is why some of the best travel hacks come from parents who are traveling with babies and toddlers.

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Best Toddler Travel Bed

Traveling with Toddlers

We’ve been using the KidCo Peapod tent as our toddler travel bed since our son was 14 months old. We’ve loved how lightweight and easy to pack the KidCo PeaPod is for traveling with a toddler. Our now 3.5 year old still doesn’t object to sleeping in his tent (which is good until 5 years old), but we can tell he would rather be in a bed.

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Essential Winter Travel Gear For Babies and Toddlers

Baby Can Travel - Essential Gear for Cold Weather - Winter

Traveling in winter with a baby is still possible and you won’t be stuck inside the whole time, if you are well prepared for dressing your baby for winter. The recommended baby gear below is our must-have list of winter travel gear for babies and toddlers. Each of these baby travel gear items is small to pack and will ensure you can still enjoy being outside while keeping your baby warm in winter. 

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Fly Tot Inflatable Airplane Cushion Review

toddler sleeping on airplane

When we booked our 10 hour flight from Calgary, Canada to Tokyo, we decided to fly with our 14 month old son as a lap toddler. At this stage, we’d flown enough with our kids that we thought could handle flying with a toddler on our lap. But as the trip got closer, we both started to get nervous about having him on our laps for such a long flight as he did not like to be held and just wanted to move all the time.

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