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8 Sun Safety Tips for Babies on a Beach Vacation

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A beach vacation with a baby is perfect for the whole family. Tired parents will love the relaxing tropical scenery of the beach, while babies will love playing in the sand and water! But the sun is powerful in the tropics and there is rarely shade on the beach, so you’ll need to take extra steps to protect your baby from the sun.

Having the right gear is essential to keeping your baby safe in the tropical sun. To protect your baby from the sun, you’ll need the right baby beach clothing, approved baby sunblock and a sun shade for babies to keep your baby cool in the sun.

Sun safety for babies is a primary concern of new parents, but there are a few other things to be aware of. If your beach holiday with baby takes you to the tropics, there are additional tropical safety concerns to be aware of such as diarrhea, tropical diseases and insect bites.

Here are eight safety tips for taking your baby on a tropical beach holiday:

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The Ultimate Guide to Travel with Twins

travel with twin toddlers

If you’ve ever had one of those moments when you thought traveling with a baby was just too hard, imagine if you had two (or more) babies at that same time? I am in complete awe of parents, like Anna of @then_i_had_twins, who has not only managed to continue to travel with her babies (now she’s kept extra busy traveling with toddlers), but still has time to share this incredible guest post with us full of all the twin travel tips!

travel with twin toddlers

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