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5 Essential Tips for Family Photos

Riding bikes on the Appian Way with a toddler

Getting professional photos during our family holidays has never really been something we’ve considered. It’s not that we were opposed to it, we just hadn’t thought of it. We have a decent camera and have always enlisted the help of fellow tourists to take pictures of the whole family. In all honesty, we have been content enough with having the majority of our pictures be of the kids or just one parent. Then we met Jake and Dannie…

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Breastfeeding Moms – Travel Uniform

Baby Can Travel - Breastfeeding Clothing for Travel

If you’ve seen any pictures of me in transit on our trips, you might ask why I’m always wearing the same thing. Don’t I have any other clothes? Well, yes and no. I do wear something similar every time because what I wear is very functional for the travel day. The other side of it is that I’ve been between maternity clothes, nursing clothes, “in-between sizes” clothes, “stay at home with baby/toddler” clothes and back to maternity clothes for the past 3 years. So I haven’t done a lot of shopping…Anyone else relate? 

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Travel with Baby – Stroller vs Baby Carrier

Stroller or Baby Carrier for Travel with a baby

Stroller or baby carrier – which one should you bring on your trip?

Typically, we would suggest travelling as light as possible, but in this instance we recommend bringing both. We always bring (or rent) a travel stroller and our best baby carrier for travel on every trip we take. This gives us the ultimate flexibility depending on the day and which attraction we want to see. It’s not easy knowing which to use in a given situation, so we have shared our experiences below to help you make that decision.

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Baby Can Travel: A Guide to an All-inclusive Vacation

Baby Can Travel - A guide to an All-Inclusive with a Baby - Flip Flops

Going to an all-inclusive resort is a great family vacation! If you’ve gone to an all-inclusive resort pre-baby, you know the drill: plane ride, customs, bus ride, welcome drink at resort… ahhh… time to relax with a week of sunshine and unlimited food and drink.

Travelling with a baby will require a little more upfront planning and thought. With the right preparation you will find the trip will be just as easy and enjoyable, but it will most certainly be different! (Isn’t that always the case now?)

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Try, Learn, Grow: An Approach for Traveling Parents

Try, Learn, Grow - An Approach for Traveling Parents

Try, Learn, Grow… Try, Learn, Grow… My husband and I continually remind each other of this “approach” as we embark on this adventure called parenthood (truthfully, he reminds me more of this than the other way around). Like many new parents, we don’t really have a clue what we are doing. We ask questions, read books, look for advice from seasoned parents then make our own choices based on what we feel will work best for our family. Sometimes we are bang on and sometimes we fail miserably.

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