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Welcome to Baby Can Travel! Here you will find all the answers to the questions that we ask in our Instagram stories! We have an incredible community of travelling parents who are always willing to give advice! You ask the questions and we get the answers! 

QUESTION: Please give me tips for flying with a 4-5 month old!


Flying with a 4-5 month old is can be a lot easier than flying with a toddler, since they are still pretty good at falling asleep anywhere, but here are some tips for what worked for us: 

  • Feed on take-off and landing (or use a soother as needed)
  • Bring a baby carrier which may help get your baby to sleep
  • If it's a long haul flight, look into getting a bassinet
  • Don't pack too much! You won't need a lot of toys but here are a few suggestions
  • Keep your diaper changing essentials at the top of your bag so you can bring only those to the toilet
  • Bring an extra outfit for your baby and at a minimum an extra shirt for you
  • Take any offer of help!
  • Stay calm and try not to stress if your baby cries. Babies cry! 

See below for even more tips from our Instagram audience on long haul flights!

QUESTION: I need some help! I'm travelling to India alone with my 8 month old! I need tips for surviving a long haul flight with a baby!


I brought a full size pillow for my lap and laid Abbie on top of it on my lap to sleep. It worked awesome for me! And ALL the snacks!



If possible upgrade your seat to at least premium economy. Fly during bed time. Call the airline and request a bassinet (not all have them).



Don't forget the baby carrier to walk around the plane. It will help the baby to sleep.






Don't feel guilty about anything! If an extra coffee/glass of wine  for you or extra tv show for them makes everyone happier, do it!


See the guest post by Sarah here!


Would your baby be more likely to sleep in a bassinet or on you? If the bassinet is an option make sure to ask and look into this when you book your flight! Try not to carry too much, it’s difficult and stressful to deal with a baby and carry a bunch of stuff! I always say to be extra polite and nice to the flight attendants! They can be such a big help! Make sure you pack your bag with the stuff you’ll need most at the top of your carry on and have the diaper change stuff easy to grab so you can bring just that to the toilet with you. Definitely take help if people offer it! Our Baby Can Travel Anywhere book is chocked full of baby travel tips! 



A couple of toys (not too many they’ll get entertainment from anything in the plane, the magazines, the bottle of water, the cups, etc) bring a couple of change of clothes for momma and baby (just in case, I needed it for both of us) get the crib if baby is not too big, night flight worked wonders for us as baby slept almost all 12 hours! Also, bring ear buds and chocolates for passengers next to you that’ll help ease their mood from the start.


Day time flight always! Night flights are so much harder! Baby carrier on the plane, it’s the only way mine slept. Snacks, all the snacks & some new quiet activities, surprisingly bubbles & stickers were a winner! The crew are generally great & lend a hand too!



1. Ask at the counter to get a seat row to yourself and your baby (if the flight isn’t full ). 

2. Bring a lot of toys and books to entertain baby. 

3. For naps I usually bring my baby carrier and walk down the aisle until she falls asleep. 

4. Most importantly don’t by shy to ask help from the flight attendants 

.5. You got this mama!!



Nurse or feed as you ascend and descend. Wear baby, fly at naptime or night, bring teething toys, pacis. Wear slip on shoes for security.



Great tip for toddlers:

Glow sticks. (Bracelet ones are a favorite) They work every time (with my 17m old and 3 year old) we take extras to give out to other kids on the plane too. Aside from snacks of course. :)


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