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Traveling with a baby or toddler can be complicated sometimes, but having the right gear makes it a lot easier. The items you will find here are the stuff we personally love and used to travel with our babies and toddlers.

We’ve spent years coming up with this list of our favorite baby and toddler travel gear.

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Our Must-Have Baby Travel Items

These items are featured in our Top Baby Gear Travel Essentials blog post. We LOVE these baby travel items and we bring them with us on every trip with our babies.

For more information on any of these baby travel products or why we recommend them:

Our Must-Have Toddler Travel Items

In addition to our baby travel products, here are some of our favorite toddler travel essentials.

For more info on traveling with a toddler and these toddler travel products:

For Getting Around

Getting around comfortably with a baby or toddler requires a good lightweight travel stroller, a hiking backpack carrier or a good baby carrier. If you are renting a car, also plan to pack your car seats.

Here are our best posts on getting around with a baby or toddler:

Toddler Travel Toys

While fun apps for toddlers are a great way to entertain your toddler on a plane, we also like to have some screen free toddler travel toys.

For Feeding On The Go

When babies start to eat solids, things can get messy especially on a vacation!

Baby Essentials for Winter

Don't let cold weather stop you from getting outside in the winter with your baby or toddler!

You can also see our curated lists on Amazon for all our top recommended baby and toddler travel gear items!

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Best Toddler and Baby Travel Products