Be More Prepared By Doing Less

Feeding, changing & doing laundry all take time out of your day; planning your trip doesn’t have to.

It's 5pm, you're frantically getting dinner ready while bouncing a tired and cranky baby on your hip.  There's a pile of laundry in the corner and a stack of Thank-You cards for baby gifts unwritten on the table.  Your trip is right around the corner and you don't have any energy at the end of the day to even think about doing any research. 

We’ve been there!  As soon as we knew our baby was healthy enough to go on a trip, we booked flights to Barcelona.  Then we had to figure out how to travel with a baby, let alone where to stay and what to do. 

When our newborn would grace us with sleep, we managed to sneak in some time for trip planning.  It was difficult to get answers to specific questions; the answers online were conflicting and the pages were often outdated.  What’s more is that newborns don’t sleep very long, so our planning was erratic and by the time we got back to the computer we no longer remembered which pages we had read.  To top it off, there were many wonderful blogs about travelling to Barcelona or flying with a baby, but nothing that addressed both.

In the end, we did the best we could on our trip with the information we were able to pull together through traditional guide books and blog posts, but we still made many mistakes along the way... mistakes that could have been avoided.

We had so much we wanted to see, but we didn’t fully appreciate how much our baby would slow down our pace of travel.  We didn’t know whether we should bring a stroller or baby carrier when sightseeing.  We wanted to pack lightly and travel without a car seat, but weren’t sure if this was possible. 

We wrote these travel guides with new parents, just like you (and us) in mind.  New parents who want to keep travelling but are new to travelling with a baby.  New parents who want to get the most out of their trip, but just don’t have the time to do all the research.

Our travel guides include everything you, as a new parent travelling with a baby need, nothing more and nothing less.

Travel with a baby to Paris, London, NYC or Barcelona. Baby Travel Tips

Our 5 concise travel guides cover everything you, as a new parent, need to know about visiting Paris, London, New York City, Barcelona or really – Anywhere!  To save you even more time, they are organized by section so you can quickly jump to the specific area that you are interested in.  

Travel with a baby to Paris, London, NYC or Barcelona. Baby Travel Tips

Flying with a baby is one of the scariest parts, so we include plenty of tips for flying and surviving your travel day. 

Travel with a baby to Paris, London, NYC or Barcelona. Baby Travel Tips

Our travel guides tell you which top attractions are not stroller friendly.  There’s nothing worse than having to leave because you can’t bring your stroller inside or having to leave your stroller unattended outside during your visit.

Travel with a baby to Paris, London, NYC or Barcelona. Baby Travel Tips

For each city, we suggest areas to stay which are best for families with a baby; close to the attractions and dining, but away from the noisy parts of town.  Time is precious when travelling with a baby, so you don’t want to waste it getting to and from the attractions or finding a place to eat. 

Travel with a baby to Paris, London, NYC or Barcelona. Baby Travel Tips

We also keep the best interests of your baby in mind by helping you to anticipate your baby’s development stage during your trip.  Will they likely be crawling, walking or eating solids?  Predicting their capabilities helps you plan better for their needs while on the trip.

So what does each of our destination travel guides cover?

Baby Specific Information on the Major Attractions

Choosing the Right Flight and Hotel

 Surviving the Travel Day

 Making the Most of Each Day

 Family Safety

 Anticipating Your Baby’s Needs on Your Trip

 Cultural Considerations

 Packing Strategies

 Food Strategies

 Getting Around With a Baby

 Honest and Insightful Accounts of our Experiences


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Travel with a baby to Paris.

Baby Can Travel has guides for a few different cities, each with tips and tricks on traveling with a baby, as well as info on the specific destination. My first thought when reading through the ones on London and Paris – Wow, these are thorough! Any question or concern you may have about traveling with a tot is covered in these guides. From pointers on what to pack, to dealing with jet lag, hotel vs. apartment stay, and of course, baby friendly attractions – it’s all there.

- Mary Emily Boedeker

Travel with a baby to London

As a mom of 2 boys and a travel consultant I can honestly say that this is the definitive guide for travelling to London with a baby! The daily itineraries are planned out perfectly to give parents a chance to see the sights but also take into account your baby's needs. Their tips for airplane travel alone are worth buying the book. If you are new parents wanting to travel with your baby you will find invaluable advice in this book.

- Amazon Customer

Travel with a baby to New York CIty

My partner and I purchased this on our first trip since our baby girl was born in September. We didn't know what to expect as it was our first child and traveling to us seemed scary. We found this book to be a life saver of knowledge, very well written and covered almost everything we did not think of. Will definitely look at purchasing the other books if we travel again soon! :) Thank You!

– Debbie A.

Travel with a baby to Barcelona

Anyone traveling with a baby can learn a lot from this one. Highly Recommended!

– Chris Backe

Everything you need to know about travelling with a baby anywhere.

Baby Can Travel: Anywhere




Very helpful guide which includes numerous, super tips for travelling with a little one, but also includes some good advice which is applicable to all travellers. Easy to read and enjoyable!

- S.Lamb

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t I find this information online for free?


One of the reasons we wrote these guides was that we had difficulty finding information relevant to new parents.  Yes, there is some basic information out there on a variety of blogs, but it is scattered, incomplete and hard to find. Baby Can Travel guides have all you need to know in one convenient place.


I know how to travel - why do I need your guide?


It's not hard to get on a plane and take your baby somewhere - literally anyone can do it.  But travelling with a baby is a lot more complicated - if you book the wrong flights, stay at the wrong hotel, or show up at an attraction with a stroller when none are allowed, it will negatively impact the quality of your trip. Being prepared is essential to making the most of your time.  Our travel guides will prepare you for the trip, help you make good decisions and enable you to create lasting memories for your new family!  


I have a baby - I don't have time to read a travel guide.


Our travel guides will actually save you time - both before and during your trip.  It contains all the information you need for your trip in one convenient place which saves you the time and effort of endlessly searching blogs for similar information.  It is laid out in a logical order - from planning your trip, to surviving your travel days, to enjoying your destination.  And it is also easy to navigate which allows you to quickly and easily read the sections which are of interest to you.

And even more importantly, during your trip you will be able to maximize the enjoyment of every single day by being prepared with all you need to know. 


What makes you an expert on travelling with a baby?


We are veteran travellers and expert trip planners.  Pre-children, we travelled to 34 countries together over 5 continents.  Since having kids, we have travelled with our babies to 6 countries over 3 continents (and counting).  We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences to help make travelling with infants easier, more accessible and enjoyable for other families.


My baby is already one year old - will this book help me?


Absolutely!  Our books are written for parents with babies between 0 - 18 months of age.  Babies are so different at each stage of development - we share all the essential information you need to know for each stage.


What's the difference between the version on your site vs. the major retailers (Amazon, Apple, etc.)?


The version available for sale on our web page is a full color version optimized for larger screens, such as a tablet or computer screen.  If you have such a device, this version will be a more enjoyable read.  If you'd prefer to read our books on an e-reader or phone, we recommend buying our books from a major retailer such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple or Kobo.  The e-reader version will adjust automatically to the size of your screen, making it easy to read on all devices