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At Baby Can Travel we are passionate about inspiring new parents to travel with their babies. We have traveled widely before and after having kids and have gotten pretty good at the planning process.

We know you have less time to plan trips now, so we created this resources page to share our process with you to make your trip planning easier. We personally use the vast majority of the services mentioned below for planning our own trips, so we are very confident in recommending them to you.

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Pre-Trip Planning

Travel Advisories / Safety

Safety first – especially now that you are travelling with a baby. Thankfully, most places around the world which are popular with tourists are safe to go to, but sometimes you may have a question about your safety or health at your destination. Start your planning process by checking your government’s travel advisory report for your destination. These incredibly useful reports contain information on safety, health, entry requirements, consulate locations and more.

Travel Guides

With two kids, we don’t have much time to do a lot of pre-trip research anymore, so we always bring a travel guide with us. Given our carry-on bags are now full of diapers and wipes, we now buy digital travel guides to save space in our bags!

When to Go

Now that you are traveling with a baby, knowing about the weather is even more important. You may want to avoid times which are too hot or too cold, or at least be able to pack accordingly.

Travel Insurance

Never travel internationally without travel medical insurance. The odds of something happening are small, but the costs can be crippling if you are not properly insured.

House Sitting Services

These services are great if you’d like someone to watch your house or your pets while you are away. If you’re lucky, you could also end up with a free place to stay yourself!

Booking Your Trip

Airline Perks for Babies

Did you know that most of the world’s major airlines provide extra services for families with babies? These perks may include free advance seat selection, the use of a bassinet, early boarding and much more.

Read our blog post to see what perks your favorite airline offers!

Booking Your Flights

Now we’re getting to the exciting stuff! It’s time to book your flights! Finding the right flights is especially important for you now, especially what times work best for your babies sleep schedule, how many stops are you OK with, etc. These tools make finding your best option easy!


When travelling with a baby, your choice of accommodations is very important. We have learned that vacation rentals are the best choice for new parents. They typically offer separate bedrooms, a full kitchen and in-suite laundry facilities. When searching these sites, be sure to select the “Family Friendly” filter.


We don’t like bringing our car seats with us when we travel. When travelling internationally, we prefer to get an airport transfer to our apartment, then walk or take public transit everywhere we go. Sometimes you can’t avoid renting a car, especially in North America. Car rentals can be a great way to get around, but be aware most will not guarantee the availability of a car seat. In this case, we look for a 3rd party baby equipment company for a car seat – most will meet you at the airport.

Attraction Tickets & Tours

When we travel with our baby, we are often time limited due to naps, etc. So, we try to save time by purchasing attraction tickets ahead of time. It’s amazing how much time this can save you by avoiding the ticket line-ups.

Baby Travel 101

Traveling with a baby or toddler might feel overwhelming, our Baby Travel 101 page has everything you need to know about planning your next holiday with a baby.


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