Our Favorite Tips to Get Baby to Sleep on Vacation

To help you address your concerns about baby sleep while traveling, we are sharing all our favorite tips for getting a baby to sleep on vacation.

We’ve compiled all our learnings from our years of traveling with babies to improve your chances of getting your baby to sleep while traveling.

Follow your baby’s sleep schedule even on vacation

Traveling with an infant before they are on a sleep schedule is certainly a lot easier. Once your baby is on a sleep schedule, you need to decide if you’ll stick to it on vacation.

Giving them an even earlier bedtime often worked well to keep them happy the next day.

Consider an earlier bedtime for baby

Find a way to  manage naps while traveling that works for your family

We would try to do the second nap on the go, which we had some success with. If the second nap didn’t happen, we’d adjust bedtime earlier to make up for it.

Stick to your baby’s bedtime routine

Often we’d put on pajamas, feed our baby and read stories or sing songs. We always followed her bedtime routine, regardless if we were on a plane or in a hotel.

Create a familiar sleep environment

Try creating a familiar sleep environment for them. For example, at home our daughter always slept in a sleep sack, so we brought her sleep sack every time we traveled.

Get on local schedule

We always try really hard get on the local schedule as soon as we arrive. We then incorporate our baby’s sleep schedule on the local schedule.