Our Favorite Baby Travel Gear for Sleeping

We can tell you from experience that traveling with a baby is amazing, but it can create some havoc with your baby’s sleep schedule. This can be a challenge for a lot of parents.

Here is our favorite baby travel gear that we recommend you pack to help your baby sleep on vacation.

Baby Travel Crib or Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

You can practice getting your baby to sleep in your travel crib at home so you’ll have more success with your baby’s sleep when you travel.

A sleepsack was a familiar item for our baby at bedtime and, as a bonus, it also allowed us to not worry about packing blankets.


White Noise Machine

If you are like us and use white noise at home to help your baby sleep, then make sure you can play white noise while traveling as well.

Portable Baby Monitor

When we stayed in an Airbnb with our baby, shed have her own room, so having a portable baby monitor was the easiest solution to allow us to check in on her.

Inflatable Bath Tub

If a bath is a big part of your child’s bedtime routine, then you have a few options for giving your baby a bath when traveling.

Baby or Toddler Carrier

To get your baby to nap on the go, nothing works better than a baby carrier. Having a good baby carrier for travel will make traveling with a baby so much easier.