Best Budget Inflatable Airplane Beds for Toddlers

Once you’ve paid for your flights, hotel and budgeted for all your activities there might not be much left over for extra toddler travel gear, like an inflatable airplane bed for toddlers.

Nobody wants to spend a bunch of money and haul something that they don’t use. That why we love these budget inflatable airplane beds for toddlers.

Maliton Inflatable Travel Footrest for Airplanes

It comes with either a basic travel cushion or a set of two travel cushions. The basic model has two chambers and two double cap valves, allowing it to (in theory) be used at 3 different heights.

It's dimensions are 18 x 16 x 10. We like that the height is still 18 inches to make a flat surface when it's positioned next to the airplane seat.

HOMCA Inflatable Travel Airplane Bed for Toddlers

Flypal Airplane Travel Bed for Kids

The FlyPal inflatable cushion for air travel has the most unique design with two separate chambers that enable you to use it at 3 different heights. The two pieces are connected by velcro strips.

Koala Kloud Inflatable Airplane Pillows for Kids

It has a standard version and a premium version. The standard version has only one chamber and one valve, where the more expensive one has 2 chambers and two valves which allows you to use it with three different heights.

1st Class Kid Inflatable Footrest Travel Pillow

It only has one valve and one chamber. It does allow for the valve to be positioned at the top to make it easier to fill in place. It's also one of the bigger ones at 18"x18"x12".

Sunany Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow for Travel

It can be used at 3 different heights. It comes with a drawstring carry bag and a dust cover. Like many of the inflatable airplane beds for toddlers, it has a 2-in-1 double valve to make it faster for deflating.