My Favorite Toys for Toddlers in the Car

A family road trip with a toddler can be a stressful situation. Needing to drive for hours, with a very active toddler strapped into a car seat can lead to some challenging times.

But, in my experience, road trips with a toddler can be a very enjoyable way to travel as a family. Planning ahead and a selection of entertaining toys for toddlers will go a long ways towards success!

While it's not its not a toy, I love how the Kids Travel Tray contains everything you need to keep your kids occupied while traveling.

Toddler Car Travel Tray

My son just loved "busy" toys like this Quiet Book by DeMoca. With a lot of cute, attached elements like zippers, buttons and buckles, my son would have played with this endlessly.

My Quiet Book from deMoca

Buster Square features 6 different colorful buckles in clasp style that help toddlers build fine motor skills by teaching them how to "click" and "snap."

Buster Square - Buckle Toy

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Ok, this is also officially a toddler toy for road trips, but it is the one piece of toddler travel gear that we never leave home without!

This magnetic puzzle game is a compact, easy-to-use puzzle that kids can play with on your family road trips. The game requires no setting up, is lots of fun to play and is adorable to look at too.

Town Maze Magnetic Puzzle Game

Double Doodle Board Drawing Tablet from Crayola

It is sturdy, compact, and features a gel surface on one side and a drawing surface on the other.