Kid-Friendly Hikes in Sedona, Arizona

There is so much easy hiking in Sedona that parents will have no issues finding a trail to match their kids’ hiking abilities.

Bell Rock Pathway Trail

The Bell Rock Trail is a kid-friendly Sedona hike which leads you around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, which are widely considered as two of the most beautiful red rocks in Sedona, AZ.

From the southern Bell Rock Pathway trailhead, there are several hikes to choose from, but the most popular is the Bell Rock Pathway Trail due to its amazing views of Bell Rock.

West Fork Trail

The West Fork Trail is one of the best family hikes in Sedona, and for good reason. This fun family hike runs through an evergreen forest, following Oak Creek with dramatic canyon walls looming overhead.

The fun Oak Creek crossings make this one of the best Sedona family hikes, but it also means the West Fork Trail is not a stroller-friendly hike. If hiking with a baby, make sure to bring a baby carrier. 

Baldwin Trail

Located just outside the Village of Oak Creek, the Baldwin Trail is a hiking loop around a red rock hill, which reward hikers with beautiful views of Cathedral Rock, especially at sunset.

At only 2 miles long with very little elevation gain, the Baldwin hike is another of our favorite Sedona kid friendly hikes. Despite its short length, the Baldwin Trail is a real hiking trail with lots of rock steps, 

Fay Canyon Trail

If you’d like to avoid the crowds at very popular West Fork Trail, we recommend the Fay Canyon Trail – an easy family-friendly hike through a beautiful red rock canyon near Sedona.

Fay Canyon is one of our favorite kid-friendly hikes in Sedona. the Fay Canyon Trail leads hikers into a beautiful red rock canyon which features a natural stone arch

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