Toddler Airplane Beds – The Ultimate Guide You NEED! [2023]

We always find a way to pack our airplane bed for our toddler on our long haul flights, knowing it’s our best chance for a good sleep when flying with toddlers.

They are one of our top travel essentials for toddlers and we never regret bringing them! We review four of the best inflatable airplane travel beds for toddlers and kids.

Toddler Airplane Bed Types

- Cube shaped blow up cushions. - Mushroom shaped inflatable plane cushions. - An inflatable cushion that covers the entire seat and area between the seats. - A ride-on suitcase that converts to a toddler airplane travel bed.

Flyaway Kids Bed by Flyaway Designs It doesn’t just work as an extension to the airplane seat but instead it creates one uniform flat surface over your child’s seat and the floor area.

Best Airplane Beds for Toddlers

JetKids BedBox by Stokke

The JetKids BedBox is different in that it’s a ride on suitcase that transforms into a bed on the plane, so there is no inflatable cushion to blow up.

Fly Tot 2.0 Inflatable Airplane Cushion

The Fly Tot is an inflatable airplane bed for toddlers that works as a child airplane seat extender, by filling the floor area between your toddlers airplane seat and the seat in front.

Seat to Sleep – Travel Nest Inflatable Cushion

The Travel Nest is for children aged 3 to 10, so as your toddler ages out of their traditional toddler airplane bed, rest assured that you still have options!

Our Tips for Successfully using a Toddler Airplane Bed

You will need a reserved seat for your baby or toddler to use an inflatable bed for the airplane. Your toddler or baby will need to be in your lap for takeoff, landing and during any turbulence.