Flying with a Baby – A Complete Guide

Flying with a baby for the first time can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from planning your family trip.

With the proper advance preparation and a calm, positive attitude, you may very well even enjoy your first flight with baby!

Do I Need a Passport for my Baby?

If you plan to fly internationally with a baby, your baby needs a passport. If you are flying domestically, you likely only need your baby’s birth certificate to travel.

If you are flying alone with your baby, you may need a consent letter signed by the other parent. You may also need visas for both you and your little one, depending on where you are going.

Tips Flying Alone with Baby

Flying with a Newborn

For some airlines, you can fly with a newborn infant as early as 48 hours, if there were no complications with the birth and you didn’t have a C-section.

Tips for Booking a Flight with a Baby

If you are flying internationally with a baby, your little one will need a ticket even if you are flying with a baby on your lap.

Booking a Flight Before Baby is Born

In the event that you need to book a flight before your baby is born, you will need to call the airline after your infant is born to ensure you get a ticket in your baby’s name.

Airline Fares for Babies

If you are flying with a lap baby, then your baby does fly free domestically. If you are flying with a baby on lap internationally, it is not free. You will typically be charged 10% of the adult fare.