My BEST Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Having flown a wide variety of flights with babies and toddlers, I can say from experience that flying with toddlers is more challenging than flying with a baby.

Although it can be challenging flying with toddlers, the overall experience of traveling with a toddler can be quite enjoyable.

Save the best distractions for when you really need them!

I avoid letting my toddler know we can walk up and down the aisle. One – so I don’t have to spend the entire flight doing it. Two – so I have one really special distraction in case I need it.

I know take off and landing will typically be the hardest parts of the flight so I make sure to have a fun snack and an activity ready to go for when that seat belt light goes on.

Plan for those inevitable toddler tantrums

Have fun toddler airplane activities to cycle through

Test out a few toddler-friendly apps a few days before your flight to ensure they have a chance of holding their attention for a while.

Let your toddler play before sleeping

I’ve tried to get him to sleep too soon and failed miserably – flying is just way too exciting and stimulating for toddlers to fall asleep right away.

Try different ways to get your toddler to sleep on the plane

Before flying with a toddler, make sure they have time to burn off some energy in the airport and to explore his new surroundings on the plane.

Bring a travel car seat or inflatable airplane toddler bed

Be prepared with the best option to keep your toddler content and help him sleep. We always had success getting our kids to sleep on an inflatable airplane toddler bed.