Hiking with a Baby

Hiking has long been one of our favorite activities, so we were eager to learn how to hike with a baby when we had our first child.

We have discovered that hiking with a baby is not only easy and enjoyable, but it’s the best way to share our passion for the outdoors with our children.

When Can You Hike with a Baby?

I don’t need to tell you that your body has been through A LOT! Give yourself the time to heal before planning your first adventure hiking with your baby.

There are huge benefits in just starting a family hike, so even if it didn’t go well, you likely learned something for the next hike with your baby. Celebrate all of that!

Celebrate the Small Wins!

Plan Your Family Hikes

If your baby has a feeding or sleeping schedule, try to plan your baby hiking around that, taking into account the time that it will take you to get to and from the hiking trail.

Pick the Right Time of Day for Hiking with Your Baby

If your baby will nap on your family hike, then this is the perfect time to be on the trail. This works especially well for hiking with a newborn, who might be spending a lot of time sleeping.

Finding Baby-Friendly Hikes

If you know the hike, you’ll also know if there is a good place to stop and feed your baby on the trail.

How to Dress Your Baby for Hiking

Keep your baby happy and comfortable while outdoors by dressing your baby in layers. Unlike you, your baby won’t be moving, so you’ll probably need to put an extra layer of baby clothing on your child.