Our Favorite Screen Free Travel Toys for Toddlers

Based largely on my real-life trials and errors traveling with my toddlers, here are my favorite screen free toddler travel toys.

I’ve also included some DIY travel toys for variety later in this story.

KeepEmQuiet Travel Pack

Not just for toddlers, you can specify the age of your child and size of travel pack! Imagine, all your screen free travel entertainment for toddlers delivered in one package PLUS snacks!

Toddlers just love to play with buckles, which is why this toy is so popular. At least with this toy you might be able to distract your toddler from the car seat and airplane seat buckles!

Buckle Toy

Buckle Toys Busy Board

I love that it's foam and still has plenty of buckles to master. It also has a zipper, a snap pocket and even laces to try!

Quiet Book for Toddlers

Usually filled with fun activities and building skills, these quiet books are soft and easy to pack.

Finger Puppet Set

This cute finger puppet set comes with 14 animals and 6 people. Entertain your toddler on the flight by making up fun stories!

Magnetic Fishing Game 

Your toddler will love a magnetic fishing game, especially this one that has plenty of fun ocean creatures besides just fish!