Toddler Carry On Packing List

Packing for a trip can get a little overwhelming. There’s such a fine balance between having everything you need and packing way too much.

That’s why we created this toddler carry on packing list. After several flights over the years, we have narrowed it down to what we need to pack each and every time.

Airplane Travel Toys

Let your toddler pack a few of the travel toys in his own carry on! Just make sure to keep them small, like a few small cars so you don’t overload your toddlers’ backpack.

Even if your toddler doesn’t have a lot of screen time at home, having a few shows or fun apps can occupy your toddler for small amounts of time on the plane.

Ipad / Tablet

Toddler Headphones

If you bring an iPad or tablet, it’s worth it to have some toddler headphones for the airplane. Our list is full of great options that are safe for your toddler’s hearing.

Non-Screen Time Activities

Your toddler can pack a few small books or puzzles in his own carry on. Bigger items should go in your carry on.

Airplane Snacks

One more way to occupy your toddler during a flight is toddler airplane snacks that take a while to eat, like cheerios or blueberries.

Travel Sippy Cup

This will help keep your toddler hydrated and avoid messes made by using the regular plastic cups (which make good airplane toys).