Best Toddler Headphones for Plane Travel

Flying with toddlers is probably going to be different for every flight, but us parents will keep trying new things to make airplane travel as smooth as possible.

We recommend investing in a pair of high quality toddler travel headphones! Here are the things you need to know before buying the best toddler noise cancelling headphones for plane travel on the market.

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones for Toddlers

They are just as durable as they are lightweight, making these wired headphones great for little ones that play rough with their toys.

LilGadgets Connect+ Style’s reinforced metal hinges and internal wiring means that there will be no accidental ripping of cables by even the most energetic kids.

LilGadgets Connect+ Toddler Headphones

CozyPhones Headband Headphones for Toddlers

CozyPhones have soft, flexible fleece headbands that wrap around your toddler’s head and roll up easily to fit in your purse.

Kidrox Tiger-Ear Toddler Sized Headphones

The Kidrox wired headphones for toddlers have no controls on them and have an extra-long cord which makes them idea headphones for 18 month old toddlers who like to move around a lot.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones for Toddlers

The padded headband is soft and the cushioned ear pads are made of memory foam, which should help your toddler keep these headphones on for the duration of the movie.

iClever Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Toddlers

These connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler pulling on the cord.