Tips to Get Your Toddler to Sleep on the Plane

By BabyCanTravel

A long haul flight with a toddler can be a little intimidating, but setting the right expectations is half the battle. Getting your toddler to sleep on the flight will be a bonus, but it's well worth the effort!

Keep it Flexible

Don’t try to get your toddler to sleep as soon as you get on the plane, even if it is nap time. Give your toddler time to take in this new & exciting environment.

Tip 1

Pack Snacks and Milk

Snacks are great for both keeping your toddler busy on the airplane and keeping their bellies full. Don’t forget the milk, especially if it’s part of their nighttime routine.

Tip 2

Sleep Environment

At home your toddler gets into PJs and has stories before bed. Do this on the airplane too to create a similar sleep environment. Don't forget a favorite stuffy & blanket.

Tip 3

Car Seat or Airplane Bed

If your toddler sleeps well in a car seat, bring it. Other options that give toddlers a place to sleep are inflatable airplane beds.

Tip 4

Use White Noise

The airplane will provide plenty of white noise when other passengers settle, but you can use it to help block out more noise for your toddler.

Tip 5

Airplane Seats Matter

Book seats on the airplane that give your toddler the best chance for sleep. Being next to areas where people congregate can be too distracting!

Tip 6

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