21 Tips to Get a Toddler to Sleep on the Plane

If you go into your flight with a toddler expecting to spend most of the time entertaining your toddler, it will make it much easier.

We believe that trying to get your toddler to sleep on the plane is more than worth the effort. This doesn’t mean keeping to a rigid schedule but you’ll both be happier if your toddler isn’t so overtired.

Bring a white noise machine on the plane for your toddler

A white noise machine can help your toddler focus on a familiar noise and block out more of the unfamiliar sounds and distractions on the plane.

Use an audiobook (for older toddlers) or music to help your toddler calm down. If you can get your toddler to lay down and listen, even better.

Use an audiobook or music for your toddler on the plane

Create a tent on the plane for your toddler

The blankets provided by the flight attendants are perfect for making it darker and blocking more distractions for your toddler.

Don’t stick to a rigid schedule

This one is for your own sanity. You’ll just get frustrated if you get on the plane and immediately try to get your toddler to sleep.

Choose the right flight time with a toddler

If your toddler does pretty well going to sleep for naps or at night and she also sleeps well in new places, there’s a good chance you can get her to sleep on the flight.

Book the right airplane seats with a toddler

We strongly recommend you choose seats away from the toilets or areas like the bulkhead, where people congregate when they are tired of sitting.