About Celine Brewer – Owner of Baby Can Travel

I’m Celine Brewer, the owner and founder of Baby Can Travel. I am an expert on travel with babies and toddlers. I spent years traveling with my own babies and toddlers and I’ve helped millions of new parents travel with their own babies and toddlers.

Baby Can Travel has had well over 5 million parents visit to get information on traveling with infants, babies and toddlers. Not only that, but I’ve shared my expertise on numerous other sites, podcasts and print media. To name a few, you can find my advice on the Washington Post, USA Today, and Berkshire Hathaway. My travel advice has appeared in print in both the Lonely Planet magazine and Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. On top of all that, I’m the author of multiple books on travel with a baby.

I’ve traveled with babies and toddlers in every way possible, this includes traveling with a newborn, with a baby and a toddler, and with toddlers. I’ve been on road trips, long haul international flights, camping, hiking, city sightseeing, beaches, you name it. I’ve also been writing about travel with babies and toddlers for A DECADE!

Why do I tell you all this?

I know what it’s like to have people tell you that your traveling days are over. I know what it feels like to take that first international trip with a baby or stressing about a long-haul flight with a toddler.

Here at Baby Can Travel, I say “You CAN travel with a baby!” and I’m here to help you do it.

Celine Brewer - owner of Baby Can Travel, with her baby daughter in New York City.
With my baby girl in New York City.

My husband and I took our first international trip with our daughter when she was 3 months old. We flew from Calgary, Canada to Barcelona, Spain. To say we were intimidated about traveling with a baby is an understatement, even though we were seasoned travelers.

Celine Brewer, from the Baby Can Travel blog, holds her 3-month old daughter on her first family trip to Barcelona, Spain.
My first trip with a baby was to Barcelona, Spain.

We made a ton of mistakes and learned from every trip we took with our babies and toddlers. We also found that we enjoyed traveling as a family even more!

Celine Brewer, owner of Baby Can Travel, cycles on the Appian Way in Rome with her husband and two children.
A family trip to Rome, Italy.

I created Baby Can Travel to help you travel with babies and toddlers! It’s where I share all the mistakes we made, but I also share all the best travel advice and best baby and toddler travel gear!

But I haven’t been everywhere…

At Baby Can Travel, we have the BEST community of traveling parents. We have regular parents, just like you and I, share their favorite baby and toddler travel destinations.

All the baby and toddler travel gear we recommend on our site is only the best travel products that parents love! When we have products reviewed, our traveling parents actually take that product on the road! They fly with it, push strollers over cobblestone streets and let their babies/toddlers use the items!

Many large websites that recommend baby travel gear don’t actually test it, well not in the way a traveling parent would want it tested. They have it delivered to a “lab”, they open it up, set it up, maybe they throw a sand bag on it to simulate a baby or toddler. Here at Baby Can Travel, our parents actually pack it in their suitcase. They bring it on a plane. They have their own baby or toddler use the product. Isn’t that the type of feedback or review you want to hear about when considering baby or toddler travel gear?

You can trust that when you come to Baby Can Travel you’ll find inspiration, the most helpful tips, and the best travel gear recommendations.

More importantly, you can trust that what you read on Baby Can Travel was written by a real parent, just like you and I. Not only that, but I personally review EVERY POST that we receive to make sure it is filled with useful travel advice to help make your trip the BEST it can be.

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