Beach with Babies and Toddlers

A day at the beach with a baby or toddler is an excellent way to spend a summer day. Many of our family trips also visiting the beach with a baby or toddler.

Babies and toddlers love the beach! Here are all our posts on taking your baby or toddler to the beach. You’ll find everything from sun safety tips for babies and toddlers to some incredible beach destinations!

Beach with a Baby

baby on beach playing with baby beach toys

Baby Beach Essentials

We’ve put together this comprehensive list of essentials for baby at the beach, with plenty of options to suit every family. So pack up your baby beach gear and get ready to hit the beach!

baby sitting in a baby beach tent

Baby Beach Tents

Before you head to the beach with your baby, pack along all your baby beach gear, including one of these amazing baby beach tents and you’ll be able to relax knowing your baby’s sensitive skin is safe from the powerful sun.

mother holding smiling baby who is wearing one of the best baby sun hats

Baby Sun Hats

Babies have more delicate skin than adults. Give your baby the best sun protection with one of these best baby sun hats for the beach or travel.

mother holding baby who is wearing baby girl sunglasses

Baby Sunglasses

When you pack all our baby beach gear, don’t forget a pair of these best baby sunglasses. They’re practical, adorable, protective, and…did I mention adorable?

Mother and baby in baby beach tent on the beach

Baby Sun Safety Tips

A beach vacation with a baby is perfect for the whole family. But the sun is powerful in the tropics and there is rarely shade on the beach, so you’ll need to take extra steps to protect your baby from the sun.

Baby Can Travel - A guide to an All-Inclusive with a Baby - Restaurant

All-Inclusive Resort with a Baby

Going to an all-inclusive resort is a great idea for a vacation with a baby! Our tips for taking your baby to an all-inclusive resort will help you get the most enjoyment out of your family vacation.

mother sitting with baby on beach

Tips for Taking Baby to Beach

Whether you are taking your newborn to the beach or looking for a few more baby beach hacks, this post has all our tips for how to take baby to the beach!

Beach with a Toddler

Toddler Beach Essentials - Swim Arm Bands

Toddler Beach Essentials

What to bring to the beach for a day with toddlers? Here are beach essentials for toddlers that should be on your beach vacation checklist!

toddler boy posing in blue sun hat for toddlers

Toddler Sun Hats

A good toddler sun hat is key to fun in the sun while making sure your toddler’s skin is still protected. Whether it’s for the beach or travel, here are the best toddler sun hats.

Toddler in sunglasses and pink hat sitting on beach

Toddler Sunglasses

Getting a pair of good sunglasses for your toddler is worth it to offer more sun protection. These best toddler sunglasses will withstand everything your toddler throws at them.

Beach Destinations

top baby friendly resorts in mexico and caribbean

Best Baby Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts

Looking to take a baby-friendly vacation? An all-inclusive resort is an excellent choice for new parents looking to recharge and reconnect. You deserve a little pampering at a baby-friendly resort in a tropical paradise.

Fiji with a Baby

Fiji with a Baby and Toddler

To help you plan the best family vacation possible, here are tips for travelling to Fiji with a baby or toddler.

Baby friendly beach near Playa del Carmen

Mexico with a Baby or Toddler

The Mayan Riviera in Mexico is a popular beach destination for families. While you’ll love the beaches, there’s much more to see and do in Mexico with a baby or toddler!

Baby friendly beaches in Mayan Riviera

Toddler Friendly Mexico Beaches

Don’t miss these incredible toddler-friendly beaches around Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

Mangrove tour with a toddler - Martinique

Martinique with a Toddler

This Caribbean island is filled with hiking and beaches! Read more on why you should visit Martinique with a toddler.