Flying with Babies and Toddlers

Whether this is your first time flying with a baby or you’re looking for advice on flying with toddlers, we are certain that you’ll find useful information on this page.

Here is everything we cover on flying with babies and toddler, plus any travel gear that’s related to flying.

Flying with Babies

father holding baby in air with airplane flying overhead

When Can Baby Fly?

How soon can your baby fly? We answer all those questions in this post.

family at airport with mother holding baby and handing over passports

Does Baby Need a Passport?

Does your baby need a passport? Read to get the details on that passport and tips for getting it done.

baby in airplane bassinet

Flying with a Baby

In this post, we share everything you need to know about flying with a baby. We’ve made sure to answer the most frequently asked questions and share all our tips on traveling on airplanes with babies.

can you breastfeed on a plane

Pumping & Breastfeeding on a Plane

Before your first flight with your baby, you may be wondering – what do you need to bring for breastfeeding on a plane? What are the rules about bringing a breast pump or breast milk on a plane?

Traveling with Car Seats on Airplanes

Traveling with Car Seats

After all the places we’ve traveled with a baby or toddler, we’ve had experience with nearly every scenario when it comes to traveling with car seats. We cover each of the scenarios here…

image of baby's first flight bag with text goodie bag

Baby’s First Flight Bags

Call them what you will, Goodie Bags, Baby’s First Flight Bags or Airplane Kindness Bags, please DO NOT hand them out when you are flying with a baby for the first time. Here’s why…

baby in bassinet in flight

Airplane Bassinets

Here’s everything you need to know about using and reserving baby bassinets on airplanes.

baby in stroller in airport

Flying with a Stroller

All your questions answered about flying with a stroller. We include advice on carrying a stroller on airplanes, gate checking strollers and checking stroller at the ticket counter.

using pack and play in hotel room

Flying with a Pack N’ Play

Planning to take your pack n’ play on your next flight? Read everything you need to know about flying with a pack and play.

Flying with Toddlers

flying with toddlers

Flying with Toddlers

We share all our best advice on flying with a toddler, how to entertain your toddler on the airplane plus tips that making flying with toddlers so much easier!

toddlers walking to airplane carrying toddler carry on backpacs

Toddler Carry On Packing List 

After several flights over the years, we have narrowed it down to what we need to pack in our toddler’s carry-on. Grab a printable of our Toddler Carry-on Packing List!

image of toddler sleeping on plane

Get a Toddler to Sleep on a Plane

We believe that trying to get your toddler to sleep on the plane is more than worth the effort. This doesn’t mean keeping to a rigid schedule but you’ll both be happier if your toddler isn’t so overtired. Get all our tips…

mother and toddler on airplane

Handling Toddler Tantrums on the Plane

Here are some effective tips on handling toddler tantrums on the plane. Let’s face it, it’s almost guaranteed that your toddler will cry at some point during the flight! These tips will help you both through it.

flying with a hiking baby carrier

Flying with a Hiking Backpack Carrier

Planning an active holiday? Read all our tips on flying with a hiking backpack carrier!

toddler eating airplane snacks for toddlers

Best Toddler Travel Snacks

This list covers all the best toddler travel snacks – including which ones are great for flying.

Airplane Travel Toys for Toddlers & Babies

Baby Travel Toys

While babies don’t need too many travel toys, here are our suggestions for the best baby travel toys.

travel toys for toddlers

Screen Free Toddler Travel Toys

It’s a good idea to bring a mix of screen free toddler travel toys to go along with apps and movies for toddlers.

toddler travel toys for airplane

Toddler Airplane Travel Toys

Even more toddler travel toys for airplane travel; perfect for entertaining toddlers on airplanes.

Baby on mother with baby travel toy

Airplane Activities for Babies & Toddlers

Keep this list of airplane activities for babies and how to keep a toddler busy on a plane!

Must-Haves for Flying with Babies & Toddlers

woman with travel stroller at airport

Best Airplane Travel Strollers

The best airplane travel strollers are fast and easy to fold, lightweight (14 lbs or under), and fits in overhead bin on the airplane. Find the best travel strollers for airplanes here…

family flying with a stroller

Best Stroller Bags for Flying

Stroller travel bags are especially useful for minimizing damage and make getting your luggage and stroller around during your travels so much easier.

toddler headphones on airplane

Best Toddler Headphones for Planes

A window seat and headphones for toddler air travel can really help make flying with toddlers go smoothly. Here are the best toddler headphones for airplanes.

Baby wearing yellow baby noise canceling headphones

Baby Headphones for Noise

If you want to offer your baby more ear protection or worry about other passengers disturbing your baby’s sleep, these are the best noise canceling headphones for babies.

toddler in airport holding up suitcase

Best Toddler Suitcases

Just think about all the extra space you’ll have in your own bags when you aren’t stuck carrying around snacks and stuffies all the time. Pack the extras in your toddler suitcase!

toddler at airport with planes in background

Best Toddler Backpacks for Travel

Let your little one pick their favorite from our list of best toddler backpacks for travel, and you’ll be ready to visit some of the best places to travel with a toddler in no time. 

father and toddler walking into airport carrying JL Childress car seat bag for travel

Car Seat Travel Bags

Here are the best car seat travel bags for protecting your car seat when flying. We also include the best was to carry a car seat through the airport.

Inflatable Airplane Beds for Toddlers

Getting toddlers to sleep on plane with flyaway kids bed

Flyaway Kids Bed – Review

Learn about the Flyaway Kids Bed (an inflatable airplane bed for toddlers) and why we think it’s one of the best toddler airplane beds out there!

Review of JetKids BedBox by Stokke

Stokke JetKids BedBox – Review

Looking for both a ride-on suitcase and a toddler airplane bed? The JetKids BedBox will carry your toddler airplane activities, they can ride on it and it transforms the economy seat to a bed!

Baby Can Travel - Must Have Baby Travel Gear - Fly Tot

Fly Tot – Review

We’ve been using the Fly Tot for years and recommend it often. It’s also one of the best toddler airplane beds available.

toddler airplane bed - Kooshy-Kids-Kooshion

Kooshy Kids Kooshion Review

How does the Kooshy Kids Kooshion compare to the other inflatable plane cushions for toddlers? Read more to find out!

Fly Tot airplane cushion for travel with toddler

Best Airplane Beds for Toddlers

In this post, we review three of the best inflatable airplane travel beds for toddlers and kids. We’ll include a few of the other popular ones and how they compare. If you’re looking for an airplane bed for toddlers, don’t miss this post!

Fly Tot Inflatable Airplane Cushion for Toddlers

Best Budget Inflatable Airplane Beds

While I do think it’s worthwhile to splurge on one of the best airplane beds for toddlers, we also understand why this might not be the right choice for your family. We’ve put together this list of budget airplane travel beds for you!