Strollers for Travel

As one of the largest investments in baby travel gear, it’s worth it to spend the time finding the best travel stroller. We have detailed post on flying with a stroller, along with every type of travel stroller from umbrella travel strollers to the best travel stroller for flying (which you’ll find in our Flying with Babies and Toddlers section).

Find the best travel stroller for your family here!

Best Strollers for Travel

Best Travel Strollers for travel with a baby or toddler

Top Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying a Travel Stroller

Making the right buying decision when looking at the best travel strollers can feel overwhelming. This post helps you navigate how to find the best travel stroller for your family.

The best budget travel strollers

Best Cheap Strollers for Travel

Not everyone is in the market for a high-end travel stroller, especially if you are unsure of how often you are going to use it. That’s why we put together this list of the best cheap travel strollers. There are still plenty of great travel strollers under $100 that will fit within any budget.

toddler riding in lightweight toddler travel stroller

Best Toddler Travel Strollers

Toddlers will want to get out of the stroller and walk PLUS snack and meal times still fill a large part of the day. The best travel strollers for toddlers are ones that are lightweight, easy to travel with and have a compact fold.

best infant travel strollers

Best Travel Strollers for Infants

Traveling with a newborn is one of the easiest times to travel with a baby. The best infant travel strollers can either be a fully reclining stroller, have a carrycot attachment or convert to a travel system with an infant travel car seat.

Best Double Travel Strollers

Best Double Travel Strollers

Whether you have twins or a baby and a toddler, double strollers can be a life saver. For travel there are some really great options for a double travel stroller that will fit within all budgets and travel styles.

The best umbrella strollers for travel

Best Umbrella Travel Strollers

Umbrella strollers make excellent travel strollers. You’ll find the best umbrella strollers for travel in this list. There are umbrella travel strollers for every budget and some are better than others for travel with infants.

Best Travel Strollers Accessories

Best Stroller Accessories for Travel

Best Travel Stroller Accessories

By having the right travel stroller and a few stroller accessories, you can increase the comfort for your little one and have even more time out sightseeing. The best travel stroller accessories will make carrying everything you need for the day easier and more convenient.

Best Stroller Sun Shades for Travel

Best Stroller Sun Shades

The best sunshade will provide sun protection and comfort for your baby. With breathable and see-through fabrics, your baby won’t miss a thing from the outside world. Most even include an additional blackout panel that prevents light and helps babies or toddlers sleep soundly regardless of where you are.

Best universal stroller organizers for travel

Best Stroller Organizers

Add some extra storage to your stroller with a stroller organizer. The best universal stroller organizers are perfect for travel with cup holders plus pockets to keep your phone close for pictures!

Travel Stroller Reviews

Baby in Ergo Metro + Deluxe stroller for travel.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe Stroller Review

The ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe is newborn ready all the way to 4 years old (or 50 lbs). This stroller folds compact enough to fit in most overhead bins on the airplane. It’s an ideal travel stroller!

Woman using ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel at airport.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller Review

The ErgoBaby Metro+ travel stroller has some great features for traveling parents. With the Newborn Nest, full recline and compact fold, this is a travel stroller worth considering.

toddler in Crete sitting in light travel stroller

Inglesina Quid Stroller Review

The Inglesina Quid Stroller is a perfect example of a travel essential that can be used from baby through the toddler stage. With a recommended age of 3 months to 50 lbs, parents will get a ton of use out of this lightweight travel stroller.

baby and toddler in a grey Zoe Twin Double Stroller at airport next to red suitcase

Zoe Twin+ Stroller Review

The Zoe Twin+ stroller is an excellent double stroller for travel! This double stroller weighs only 19 lbs, making it one of the best lightweight double strollers. Plus, you won’t have any issues getting this double stroller through standard doorways. 

one girl standing next to toddler in Inglesina Electa Stroller

Inglesina Electa Stroller Review

The Inglesina Electa Stroller is a full-size stroller that works well as both an everyday stroller and for taking on trips. Read more on all the features of the Electa stroller and what makes it great for travel.

compact fold of Delta Clutch stroller

Delta Children Clutch Stroller

The Delta Children Clutch travel stroller is one of the most lightweight and compact travel strollers. No need to gate check this toddler travel stroller, it will fit in the overhead bin on the airplane!