Baby Sleep During Travel

Getting your baby to sleep when you travel can be stressful for some parents. Perhaps you’ve been working hard to get your baby sleeping through the night at home and you don’t want to lose that progress.

You might also be worried about how to get your baby to nap on the go, how your baby will handle a different sleep environment or how to get your baby to sleep on the plane.

Rest assured that you are not the only parent with those concerns. These posts were written to help parents who have any concerns about baby sleep when traveling!

Baby Sleep Tips for Travel

image of baby sleeping

Get Your Baby to Sleep When You Travel

We can’t guarantee your baby will sleep on your holiday, but we do understand the fears and challenges regarding baby sleep and travel. To help address those concerns about baby sleep while traveling, we are sharing all our tips for getting a baby to sleep on vacation.

Tips for staying at an Airbnb with a baby

How to Deal with Baby Jet Lag

International travel with a baby has the added complication of dealing with baby jet lag. Here are my best tips for dealing with a jet lagged baby!

Baby Sleep Products for Travel

Wee Sleep - Advice - How to Get Your Baby to Sleep on Holiday

Best Baby Sleep Products for Travel

While traveling with a baby is more than worth it, it can create some havoc with your baby’s sleep schedule. This can be a challenge for a lot of parents. Here are the must have baby sleep products for travel that you should pack to help your baby sleep on vacation.

A toddler sleeps in a PeaPod Plus travel bed while using a SoundBub white noise machine

Best White Noise Machine for Travel

White noise machines are the perfect way to help mimic your baby’s at home sleep environment. Not only that, but they can help to block out unfamiliar noises when you travel that might otherwise keep your baby awake.

travel baby monitor outside on table with stroller in background

Best Baby Monitor for Travel

While it’s not essential to get a portable baby monitor, you may want to read through to see which option is the right fit for your family (depending on where and how frequently you travel with a baby or toddler). Baby monitors for travel come with a whole host of different features and can even be connected seamlessly to your phone or tablet.

iPad App Baby Monitor 3G

Best Baby Monitor Apps

If you have an extra iPad or mobile phone, you can turn it into a baby monitor using one of the many baby monitor apps available on the marketplace.

Nanit Baby Monitor – Review

We had fellow parent review the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor for travel. This popular baby monitor is great for at home, but does it make a good baby monitor to travel with? Read to find out!

putting Sleepout travel blackout blinds into travel bag

Best Portable Blackout Blinds

Some babies and toddlers have become accustomed to their dark room that signals to them that it’s now time to sleep. Creating a similar dark sleep environment is entirely possible to do with blackout blinds or a travel crib shade.

image of slumberpod in hotel room

SlumberPod Review

The SlumberPod completely covers the travel crib or portable bed to create a private sleeping area for your baby or toddler. Find out why we think you’ll love it for baby sleep when traveling!

iphone showing instructions for Sleepout portable curtains

Sleepout Blackout Curtains

If your baby or toddler is accustomed to sleeping in a dark room, then the best you can replicate that while traveling the better sleep you’ll all have. You can easily do that with the Sleepout portable blackout curtains.

CoziGo Stroller Sunshade

CoziGo Stroller Cover

If someone asked me today to name the ONE product I wish I had when I was traveling with my babies, I know exactly what I would say… It’s the CoziGo bassinet and stroller cover! 

SnoozeShade Pack and Play Blackout Tent

Best SlumberPod Alternatives

While we still think the SlumberPod is the best option, we know it’s not for everyone’s budget. Here are the best SlumberPod alternatives to consider.

SnoozeShade Blocking Light

SnoozeShade Plus Stroller Cover

Help your baby or toddler sleep on-the-go. The SnoozeShade Plus blocks light and distractions. Parents Love it!