Best Baby Travel Gear

Finally a place where you’ll hear: “Your traveling days are NOT over”! As a leading baby travel blog, we have many useful posts for new parents with tips for traveling with a baby, the best baby travel products, and much more.

Starting to travel with your baby can seem overwhelming at first, even those of us who have done it still have questions. Babies are constantly changing and each of your family trips will be different, that’s about the only thing you can count on! 

Having the right gear can make your trip easier…Here you’ll find all the best baby travel gear for your next trip!

Baby Travel Gear

Babies need a lot of gear! Or do they? Here we share our favourite travel gear for babies! We cover it all from gear for feeding your baby on family vacations to diaper changes.


Baby Travel Essentials

It might take some trial and error before you figure out exactly what YOU need for travel with your baby (every family is different), but this list of best travel items for baby should get you well on your way!

Tips for staying at an Airbnb with a baby

Best Baby Travel Cribs

As parents traveling with a baby, you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy pack n’ play. They might be portable but they aren’t lightweight! Find the best lightweight travel cribs here!

baby in portable travel high chair - one of the travel baby accessories

Best Travel High Chairs

Having a portable travel high chair is so worth it, even if many restaurants have high chairs. You’ll get plenty of use out of it in your hotel, airbnb, picnics, camping, the beach and more!

baby sleeping in baby carrier - one of the must-have baby travel gear items

Best Baby Carriers for Travel

A baby carrier for travel is an invaluable piece of baby gear. Find all the best baby carriers for travel in this post.

portable bathtub for baby with smiling baby

Best Bathtub for Travel

Depending on where your travels take you, a bathtub may or may not be available. This is where having one of these portable baby bathtubs for travel will be your saving grace!

Woman at airport carrying child with a backpack style diaper bag

Best Diaper Bag Backpacks

Considering switching out your old bulky diaper bag for something more practical, stylish and comfortable, like a diaper bag backpack? Looking for the best diaper bag for travel? You’ve come to the right place. A backpack diaper bag for travel is ideal for any vacation with a baby or toddler.

Baby Wipes Travel Case

Best Wipes Travel Cases

Whether you are in the baby food stage and managing baby food while traveling, or you have a toddler who loves to get into everything, you can never be too prepared! Having enough wipes in your backpack diaper bag is a must for any trip.

baby drinking from bottle on airplane

Best Bottle Warmers for Travel

The easiest way to warm a baby bottle when traveling is by using a portable bottle warmer. With several options to choose from, new parents have the choice of going high tech or keeping it simple.

travel bottle drying rack on counter

Best Travel Bottle Drying Racks

A compact drying rack will make cleaning bottles much easier in hotel rooms and vacation rentals. These best travel bottle racks are compact and easy to pack!

Travel Baby Food Warmer on counter with orange dishes and green sippy cup

Best Baby Food Warmers

If your baby loves her food warm, you can still warm baby food on-the-go. Here are the best baby travel food warmer options!

Baby Can Travel - Thoughtful-Travel-Themed-Baby-Shower-Gifts

Travel Themed Baby Shower Gifts

Whether you are looking for travel themed Christmas gifts for expecting parents or the most thoughtful travel themed baby shower gifts, you’ll find a perfect gift within this list of 40 ideas for baby gifts for traveling parents.

walking outside with baby in winter

Baby Essentials for Winter Travel

We share how to pack for travel to cold weather with a baby or toddler. We’ve included all our must have baby winter items which you can use as your winter packing list for baby.

No Reception Club Getaway Bag and Sidekick on beach

Getaway Bag by No Reception Club

Looking for the perfect backpack diaper bag for traveling with a baby? The Getaway Bag has all the pockets you need plus a main compartment with shelves to ensure you can access whatever you need even one-handed!

baby in travel crib playing with portable mobile

Best Travel Mobiles for Babies

Here are the best portable mobiles for travel. You’ll also love the travel-inspired mobiles perfect for your baby’s nursery!


Travel Size Baby Products

Travel size baby products are the best way to help you pack lightly! We have everything you need to create your own baby travel kit or you can purchase a premade travel kit for baby!

Baby playing on play mat on grass

Travel Play Mats for Babies

Whether it’s on the airport or hotel room floor, these baby travel play mats will give your baby the perfect place to practice tummy time!

sleeping baby in travel baby bouncer

Best Baby Travel Bouncers and Swings

For some trips, it’s going to be worth it to pack a baby travel bouncer or swing! These are the ones that are best for bringing on a trip.

baby and toddler playing in Guava lotus travel crib for babies and toddlers

Guava Lotus Travel Crib – Review

Wondering if the Guava Lotus travel crib is worth it? Spoiler – it is! But you’ll want to read more on what makes this the best travel crib.

Baby's Brew bottle warmer for travel

Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

Learn why the Baby’s Brew is the must-have for traveling moms! This is a game changer for traveling parents who need to heat bottles on-the-go!

baby getting diaper change on travel change mat

Best Travel Change Mats

Traveling with a baby is full of unexpected and challenging situations, and that includes the inevitable messes! That’s where a baby travel change mat come in! 

Baby Travel Toys

While babies don’t need too many travel toys, here are our suggestions for the best baby travel toys.

Travel Highchair Reviews

Inglesina Fast table chair - travel high chair

Inglesina High Chair Review

If you are looking for one of the best portable travel high chairs, you can’t go wrong with the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. For years we’ve been recommending the Inglesina high chair to parents as one of the best high chairs for travel.

Baby eating while sitting in a booster chair that is on a table.

hiccapop OmniBoost Booster Seat Review

The hiccapop OmniBoost travel booster seat is not only one of the highest rated booster seats for travel, it also works as a standalone for picnics and camping! Read our full review!

Bombol booster travel booster high chair.

Bombol Pop-Up Booster Review

The most compact travel booster seat for meal times! Read our full review on the Bombol Pop-Up Booster Seat.

Nuby Easy Go Booster Seat for Travel strapped to chair.

Nuby Easy Go Booster Seat Review

The Nuby Easy Go Booster Seat is a lightweight travel booster that makes meal times easy! Read more about it in our full review.