Best Toddler Travel Gear

As a leading toddler travel blog, we have many useful posts for new parents with tips for traveling with a toddler, the best toddler travel products, and much more.

Traveling with a toddler can seem overwhelming at first, even those of us who have done it still have questions. Toddler are active and curious. They love to explore and they don’t have the maturity yet to understand why they need to behave a certain way.

While there’s no guaranteed way to make travel with toddlers easier, having the tons of travel tips and the right gear can make your trip easier…Here you’ll find all the best toddler travel gear for your next trip!

Toddler Travel Gear

Here we share our favourite travel gear for toddlers! We cover it all from travel toys to travel potties. If you are looking for the best toddlers strollers for travel or toddler flying essentials, click on the links to visit sections we’ve created specific to those topics!

Make sure to also check out our Baby Travel Gear page where we have the best travel high chairs and more.

A toddler in a car seat holds a toddler travel cup and a white noise machine

Toddler Travel Essentials

We have traveled with toddlers around the world and along the way we’ve learned a little something about traveling with toddlers. We’ve tried a lot of toddler travel gear while traveling with children and are happy to recommend these toddler travel essentials to you..

inflatable toddler travel bed. one of the best toddler travel essentials

Best Toddler Travel Beds

When looking for the best toddler travel bed, it’s important to consider how frequent you will use it and where. We share all the best options for travel beds for toddlers and help you find the best choice for your toddler.

Toddler sleeping in KidCo PeaPod Plus travel tent

KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel Bed – Review

The KidCo PeaPod Plus is a popular toddler travel bed. Its easy fold and compact size make it easy to bring along on any trip with a toddler. Read more in our KidCo PeaPod Plus Review, where we give all the details on this travel bed PLUS we give tips on how best to introduce this toddler travel tent to your little one.

toddler on hiccapop inflatable bed for toddlers

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed – Review

Here’s what we love about the hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed. It’s not only easy to pack and bring with you anywhere, your toddler will love sleeping on it too.

toddler carriers vs stroller for travel with a toddler

Best Toddler Carriers for Travel

Why would I want a toddler carrier for travel when I can just continue to carry my toddler in the regular baby carrier for travel? These toddler carriers are made specifically for toddlers. They are wider and taller making it more comfortable for your toddler. When your toddler is well supported, it’s also much more comfortable for you.

best travel potty for toddlers

Best Toddler Travel Potties

While not having to pack a suitcase full of diapers is a certain win for traveling parents, a vacation with a newly potty trained toddler does have its challenges. One solution for traveling with a recently potty trained toddler is to pack one of these best travel potties for toddlers.

toddler holding one of the best toddler snack cups

Best Snack Cups for Travel

Snacking is a big part of the day for toddlers, especially when traveling. They serve as a convenient way to keep your little one’s hunger pangs at bay and keep them occupied for a while when on the go.

toddler walking drinking from sippy cup for travel

Best Travel Sippy Cups

Having a spill-proof sippy cup for travel is essential! You can keep your toddler hydrated easily on the go! We recommend looking for sippy cups for travel that are easy to pack and clean!

Best 1 Year Old Travel Toys

Best 1 Year Old Travel Toys

A 1 year old has a very small attention span. With these 1 year old travel toys you can easily skip from activity to activity and keep your 1 year old entertained on the plane.

Best 2 Year Old Travel Toys

Best 2 Year Old Travel Toys

 The only way carrying a bunch of travel toys for 2 year olds makes sense is if they are compact, and easy to carry, take out and put away. You’ll find tons of great options here!

3 Year Old Travel Toys

Best 3 Year Old Travel Toys

Children in this age group are naturally curious and have an insatiable appetite for learning new things, so choosing the right travel toys for 3 year olds to keep them engaged and occupied is just as important as keeping them fed and healthy on a trip! 

Uber with a Baby or Toddler

Best Car Toys for Toddlers

Are you planning a road trip with your toddler? Keep your toddler entertained during your road trip with a few of these car travel toys for toddlers.

toddlers in car playing with toys in car seats

Best Car Seat Travel Trays

For long road trips, set your toddler up with everything he needs with one of these car seat travel trays! They have tablet holders, cup holders and pockets for all the road trip essentials!

babies sitting near campfire with cups and dishes - camping gear for babies

Best Toddler Camping Gear

Make your family camping trip a little better with this essential toddler camping gear. With this list you’ll ensure you have all the toddler camping gear you need for your adventure!

cushions used to keep toddler in bed

Best Portable Bed Rails

When your toddler no longer needs to sleep in a travel crib, moving to a big kid bed can make travel a little easier. For toddlers who move around a lot at night, hotel beds can still look terribly high up for your little one. Portable bed rails are a great solution to make sure your toddler doesn’t roll out of bed.