Hiking & Camping with Babies and Toddlers

If you love the outdoors, then there’s no doubt that your going to do whatever you can to instill that same love for nature in your children.

Like us, you’ll probably be hiking with a baby as soon as possible. You’ll continue getting outside hiking with your toddler, whether that means carrying your toddler or having your toddler hiking on their own.

Camping with a baby or toddler is another excellent way to slow down and enjoy being out in nature with your little one.

Here you’ll find all our tips on hiking with babies, resources for hiking with toddlers and plenty more information on camping with a baby or toddler.

Hiking with a Baby

We really can’t stress enough what an incredible way to experience nature that hiking with a baby can offer. Babies will love all the interesting elements of nature. When you stop on the hiking trail for a snack break, give your baby a chance to crawl around and explore too. They’ll enjoy playing in the grass and feeling new textures.

hiking with a baby

Hiking with a Baby

While it’s easier to choose the right hiking trail for hiking with a baby, there is a little more up front preparation. You’ll need to plan out how many bottles to bring for formula fed babies and if your baby will nap while you hike.

You will also be carrying your baby the entire time, so both of you need to comfortable with the baby carrier you choose.

hiking backpack baby carrier

Best Baby Carriers for Hiking

A good carrier is essential baby hiking gear. You will be carrying your baby for the entire hike, so make sure you are both comfortable with the carrier you choose. We recommend giving it a try around your neighborhood before heading out on your big adventure.

Hiking with Toddlers

Hiking with toddlers means you’ll need to be more prepared for not only yourself but with anything your toddler might need throughout the day too. Toddlers will love exploring every rock or bug and the extra space to burn off some energy.

For toddler hikes, start small and see how your toddler does. You can build from there once you see how your toddler does on the hiking trails.

how to hike with a toddler

Hiking with a Toddler

For parents, hiking with toddlers takes a little more patience as your toddler will truly want to explore the world, but this is a time to slowdown and enjoy where you are at. Try not to worry if you don’t make it to your destination.

Read all our tips for hiking with toddlers!

toddler hiking backpack

Toddler Hiking Gear

As toddlers start to do more hiking, they’ll need their own gear. Don’t worry, it’s nothing ridiculous. We include what we think is necessary for toddler hiking gear with all our recommendations in this post.

toddlers sitting in hiking backpack carriers for toddlers

Best Hiking Backpack Carriers

A framed backpack carrier for hiking with toddlers and babies is worth the investment if you plan to hike a lot. A good hiking backpack carrier has so many benefits for both you and your little hiker. Your baby or toddler will especially appreciate being up high and seeing the world go by.

We give all our recommendations for the best hiking carrier for toddlers and babies in this post.

Mother carrying baby in Deuter Kid Comfort Active Hiking Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort Active Review

Considering a hiking backpack carrier for hiking with your baby or toddler? You should read this review of the Deuter Kid Comfort Active child carrier!

Best Hikes with Babies or Toddlers

Now that you have all the hiking tips and all the best baby and toddler hiking gear, it’s time to find the best hiking trails. We have a list of some of the best hikes for toddlers and babies. These are hikes recommended by other parents who have already done them, so you know they are good!

hike at Wormsloe Historic Site with a toddler

Best Hikes with Babies Toddlers in USA

Wondering which kid-friendly hikes to start out with? Included in this list are some of the best hikes in the USA done by parents with a baby or toddler. This is a great place to start to find trails near you.

Using backpack carrier for toddlers in Cinque Terre

Best Hikes with Babies Toddlers – Global

It’s no secret that we love to hike with our kids everywhere we go and find it a really incredible way to experience what a country has to offer. Here are some of the best kid-friendly hikes around the world done by parents with babies or toddlers.

Mom holding baby on Bear Lake Hike - Rocky Mountain NP Hikes with a baby

Rocky Mountain National Park with a Baby

There are so many options for easy hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park and even a couple that are more challenging. Here are 5 hikes we loved while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with a baby.

shenandoah hiking trails with toddlers

Toddler Hikes in Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park has hikes for all hiking abilities. For those of you with the littlest legs in your family, here are easy hikes in Shenandoah National Park toddlers will absolutely love.

Huckaby Trail - easy hiking trails in Sedona

Kid Friendly Hikes in Sedona

There are many fun things to do in Sedona with kids, but without question the kid-friendly hikes in Sedona are the best. Not only are the dramatic, towering red rocks around Sedona, Arizona incredibly beautiful, but they are very fun and exciting for kids of all ages to explore.

A family hug while on a kid-friendly hike in Torrey Pines Natural Reserve

Kid Friendly Hikes in San Diego

You’ll can enjoy a wide variety of easy hikes in San Diego. These 6 kid-friendly hikes in San Diego range from long walks through lush city parks, relaxing strolls along the beach, beautiful hikes in a nature reserve and yes, even the San Diego Zoo.

Hiking in the White Mountains with a Baby and Toddler

White Mountains Hikes with Baby or Toddler

While enjoying your time in North Conway, don’t miss these easy hikes in the White Mountains. You can easily do these hikes with a baby or toddler.

Camping with a Baby or Toddler

tent camping with a baby

Camping with Babies and Toddlers

If you are interested in taking on the challenge of tent camping with a baby or toddler, here are some camping tips to get you started!

toddler and father bird watching - perfect camping activity for toddlers

Toddler Camping Activities

These favorite camping activities for toddlers are open ended and imaginative, which is key to keeping toddlers curious about the world around them.

baby sitting in empty tent in footed pjs - camping with baby gear

Baby Camping Gear (+printable)

Read through our checklist of essential baby camping gear and print off the baby camping checklist at the bottom so you don’t forget anything!

camping with toddlers

Toddler Camping Gear

Here are the must-haves for camping with toddlers. These 20 toddler camping essentials will have you well set up for your next outdoor adventure!

Baby Camping Gear

Using Inglesina high chair on picnic table - high chairs that attach to table

Baby Camping Chairs

Having the right baby camping essentials will make it go a little smoother. Camping chairs for babies and toddlers are great for providing a clean place to eat, but also for containing your little one when you are busy tending to the fire or cooking!

Baby deedee sleep nest travel - baby sleeping bag

Baby deedee Baby Sleeping Bag

This baby camping sleeping bag is so versatile. It can be used as a sleep sack for camping with a baby, but we also in the stroller for her walk to keep her cozy. It comes in 3 sizes to fit both babies and toddlers.

Best Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping

Best Baby Sleeping Bags

To help get your baby a good night sleep when camping, we recommend looking at these baby camping sleeping bags. The best baby sleeping bags for camping will be safe for overnight sleep but will also have features that will help you regulate your baby’s temperature.

Toddler Camping Gear

Morrison Outdoors Toddler Sleeping Bag - Big Mo 20

Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag Review

For parents who plan on camping frequently, a good quality toddler sleeping bag that is appropriate for the overnight temperatures while tent camping is well worth the expense.


Best Toddler Sleeping Bags

With one of these toddler sleeping bags you won’t need to be constantly checking on your toddler to make sure she hasn’t thrown off all her blankets. You also won’t have to worry about your toddler wiggling down into a regular sleeping bag.