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Camping with a baby is exactly the same as traveling with a baby – it’s not only possible, but it can be very enjoyable and rewarding too! I’ve always believed in spending as much time outdoors with my kids as possible, and camping is an excellent way to do it. Yes, it’s true that your camping trips will look a little different than before, but camping with babies and toddlers is a great way to spend some quality time together as a family in the great outdoors.

Having the right baby camping essentials will make it go a little smoother. With a baby tagging along, you’ll undoubtedly be packing more than usual. Even with all the extra stuff, having a place for your baby to sit that is not in your lap, is a nice luxury.

My list of the best camping chairs for toddlers includes several portable travel high chairs, as well as specific camping chairs for babies that are worth your consideration. Keep in mind that the travel high chairs will multi-task as a camping chair and a travel chair, while the portable camping high chairs aren’t something you’ll want to travel internationally with.

Remember to never leave your baby or toddler unattended in any of these camping chairs.

a young child sits on a Camping Chairs for Babies.

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13 Best Baby Camping Chairs

Types of Camping Chairs for Babies

1. Camping Chair for Baby

These chairs come equipped to handle different types of terrain, weather and all types of spills, while meeting the required safety standards for your precious little one. They also come in all shapes, sizes and colors! 

A highchair stands on its own while you go about your indoor and outdoor tasks. Other options, like the Kidco GoPod, lets your baby have a little exercise of their own. 

2. Portable Booster Seat

Portable booster seats are chairs that are designed to be used along with another chair. This is not the most ideal when you are out camping without a chair in sight. However, they are simple to carry and store. Plus, you can always just place them on the ground and your toddler will be none the wiser.

A portable booster seat will give you the most value for your money. Options like the hiccapop Omniboost work just as well at home as they do for camping or for travel.

a baby sits in a booster seat on the floor.
My little guy in his booster seat on the floor.

3. Hook-On High Chairs

Hook-on high chairs like the Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair are great for just attaching onto a table top and keeping your baby super close. However, they are not for every kind of table. They are only suitable for sturdy tables like picnic tables outdoors, and not folding tables.

If you frequent the same campgrounds and know you’ll have access to a picnic table, these are a nice option to ensure your baby is sitting up at the table with you.

an Inglesina high chair attached to a picnic table in a campsite.

4. Portable Bouncer for Infants

Portable bouncers are perfect for babies that cannot sit unassisted, as they provide the head and neck support they need. They also help your baby learn some simple leg and arm movements. For traveling and camping, make sure to pick a bouncer that folds completely flat.

a baby sits in a portable bounder for a baby while on a family trip to Acadia National Park.

5. Camping Chair for Toddlers

Toddlers love anything they can call “mine,” and a camping chair for toddlers certainly fits the bill and should be part of your toddler camping essentials. When picking one out for travel, make sure it is stable with wide legs and a low-enough base. A camping chair that “grows” with your baby into their toddler years is a bonus!

How to Choose the Best Toddler and Baby Camping Chairs

Age of Baby or Toddler

If you are camping with an infant, the first thing you should look for is a chair that supports your baby’s head and neck. Opting for a bouncer is most likely the best way to go. 

Once your baby can sit up, consider a chair you can hang little toys off of and arrange other activities for their entertainment. If your baby has started to eat solid foods, you will want a chair with a tray and that’s easy to clean!

Keep in mind many of the portable outdoor high chairs work just as well for babies as they do toddlers, so be sure to buy one that you can get the most use out of when considering these best baby camping chairs.


Campsites are hardly ever perfectly level, which means you need to choose the best camping high chair that is extra stable to prevent your baby from tipping over. If you feel unsure about portable high chairs, you can opt for a booster seat that can be placed on the ground.

Just remember to never leave your baby unattended. 

Access to a Picnic Table

You can’t use a hook-on chair unless you have something to attach it to and when on the go, your best bet is going to be a sturdy picnic table. A hook-on highchair doesn’t serve much of a purpose if you and the rest of your family aren’t sitting around a table.

So, in instances where you’re tent camping on the ground with no picnic table on the site, opt for chairs that can be placed on the ground. 

Easy to Clean

Regardless of the baby camping chair you choose, it has to be easy to clean, and I mean, hose-down friendly. Some chairs have tiny nooks where dust and food particles get stuck, so pay attention to the design of your chair.  


I recommend choosing a camping chair that’s small and compact when folded. Ideally, it should be easy to pack along with all your other camping essentials.

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Best Camping Chairs for Babies

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