5 Best Baby-Friendly Hotels in NYC

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Visiting New York City is a dream for so many people and for good reason. It’s a magical place to visit and is certainly one of the best places to travel with a baby in the USA. When you have a baby, don’t think you’ve lost your chance to see the Big Apple, as this is a wonderful time in your life to visit New York City with a baby.

We went to NYC with our baby daughter before she was a year old and had a wonderful time. There can be a lot to think about when planning a family trip to a city that’s unfamiliar to you. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of the 5 best baby-friendly hotels in NYC.

Finding an infant-friendly hotel is an important part of your trip to New York City with a Baby

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Where to Stay in NYC with a Baby

The island of Manhattan is about 13 miles long and 2 miles across at its widest. The Big Apple is very pedestrian and tourist-friendly. There are so many things to see in such a condensed space. You can get everywhere by walking, ordering a baby-friendly Uber, or catching a subway. With so many options, it’s so easy to explore NYC with a baby!

Where you look for the best baby-friendly hotels in NYC will depend on your sightseeing plans. Our suggestion is to look for baby-friendly New York hotels in Midtown or the Upper East Side. These are central locations in Manhattan, excellent for walking or using public transportation to the top family-friendly NYC attractions.

visiting grand central station in NYC with baby

Recommended Neighborhoods for Visiting New York with a Baby

1. Midtown Manhattan

This part of Manhattan extends from 14th Street to 59th Street and includes smaller iconic neighborhoods like Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and Midtown East. Stay in Midtown for all the big attractions, like Times Square, and The Empire State Building.

Home to Grand Central Station, all the major train and subway lines run through here. You have all the basic amenities like drugstores, grocers, coffee shops, and restaurants in Midtown as well.

During our trip to NYC with our daughter, we stayed in Midtown at the Jewel Hotel near Rockefeller Center. From this convenient, central location, we were able to walk to most of the top NYC attractions, but we could also easily hop onto one of the four nearby subway stations to go further afield.

Midtown is a great place to stay in NYC with a baby

Browse vacation home rentals and baby-friendly hotels in Midtown New York.

2. Upper East Side

For a slightly more residential experience, look for baby-friendly NYC hotels or apartments on the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side starts at E 59th Street and ends at E 96th Street. Here you’ll find luxury shopping, quiet brownstone neighborhoods, and easy access to Central Park.

If you stay on the Upper East Side, it will take a little longer to get to the main NYC tourist attractions. However, it’s a trade-off to consider if you want to stay in a less touristy-feeling area. You can rent a car, but we don’t recommend it as you probably won’t need it, and parking is hard to find and expensive.

The express 4 and 5 subway lines serve the Upper East Side, in addition to the local 6 and Q lines. If you don’t want to take the subway, you can find car services in this area that include car seats.

The Upper East Side is an excellent place to stay in New York with a baby

Browse vacation home rentals and baby-friendly hotels in the Upper East Side.

Criteria for Our Baby-Friendly Hotels in NYC

Finding a good baby-friendly New York City hotel takes a surprising amount of time, which we know first-hand that you don’t have a lot of right now. Over our years of traveling with a baby, we have developed a very reliable system for picking best baby-friendly hotels.

best NYC hotels for infants

To help you find a great baby-friendly hotel in Manhattan, we have used our system to recommend five baby-friendly NYC hotels over a variety of price ranges. You can select your family accommodation from our list confidently as each of our recommended baby-friendly New York hotels: 

  • Rank in the top 15% of New York hotels on TripAdvisor.
  • Has earned a TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award.
  • Have a minimum guest rating of 8.6 out of 10 on Booking.com.
  • Have air conditioning, complimentary cribs and free wifi.
  • Have soundproofed walls, which is a huge benefit for new parents who worry about their baby crying and waking other hotel guests in the middle of the night!
taking the subway in NYC with a stroller

The 5 Best Baby-Friendly NYC Hotels

Of all the cities in the world, NYC has one of the widest selections of hotels available to choose from. The great news for new parents is that there are plenty of baby-friendly hotels in NYC that are very accommodating.

From extended-stay hotels to luxury high rises, you can find baby-friendly New York City hotels that go above and beyond. More than complimentary cribs, these amazing hotels offer things like bottle warmers, strollers, and baby products. Based on our experience, a great hotel makes your trip that much more enjoyable!

Over the years of traveling as a family, we’ve developed a system for finding the best baby-friendly hotels. It’s given us peace of mind, and we think you’ll appreciate it, too. We’ve used our system to find the five best baby-friendly hotels in NYC. Enjoy your trip to the Empire State!

1. Residence Inn New York Manhattan – Midtown East

First on our list of the best baby-friendly hotels in New York is Residence Inn Midtown East. Here you’ll find both reasonable prices and world-class accommodations. The one-bedroom suites give everyone their own space, which will help your baby sleep better on vacation. All rooms have stocked kitchenettes and full-size refrigerators (perfect for bottle prep!). All the rooms can accommodate a crib, and some come with sleeper sofas.

when visiting new york with a baby check out the baby friendly NYC hotels on our list

Ask the concierge about complimentary pack-and-plays for your room. They also offer 24-hour grocery delivery and extended stay options. When you’re traveling with very young children, it’s nice to have your own space and be able to keep a bit of routine. With amenities like kitchenettes and grocery delivery, you can focus more on the fun touristy stuff!

The Residence Inn is a Midtown hotel located on E 48th Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Enjoy all the perks of a casual East Side neighborhood with excellent food options all around you. Just a few blocks west you’ll find Grand Central Station and Bryant Park (which has a beautiful carousel). Walk south to see the Chrysler Building and the United Nations Headquarters. 

where to stay in new york city with a baby

2. Lotte New York Palace

Find Lotte New York Palace on Madison Avenue between E 50th and E 51st Street in the Midtown East neighborhood. This historic 5-star hotel is an NYC icon with its neo-Renaissance architecture and open courtyard. The Lotte offers a luxury experience with exemplary amenities just steps from all the biggest attractions.

the Lotte New York Palace is a 5-star baby-friendly NYC hotel

When looking for baby-friendly hotels in Manhattan with a baby, consider the Lotte New York Palace. On our list of the best baby-friendly hotels in NYC, you’ll find all the basic amenities here. They have complimentary cribs, and children under 12 stay free. Call the front desk for their partnering babysitting service.

The Lotte New York Palace offers a variety of spacious luxury rooms and suites with views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Book a family suite with connecting rooms so you can relax after the baby is asleep. The hotel staff is ready with recommendations for baby-friendly things to do in NYC. You can also book a Family Package, which gives you 50% off a second room.

The Lotte Palace is a luxury baby-friendly hotel in NYC

You’re just a few blocks from Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. Do some shopping at the Midtown stores on 5th Avenue, or visit the Museum of Modern Art.

3. Four Seasons Hotel New York – Midtown East

Stay at the Four Seasons hotel on E 57th Street between Madison and Park. This luxury high-rise hotel makes our list of best baby-friendly hotels in NYC for the way they welcome families. Choose from a selection of suites with or without terraces and soaking tubs! Every room has a view, and even the studio has more than enough room for a crib.

baby friendly luxury hotels NYC

Leave the baby equipment at home when you stay at the Four Seasons. When it comes to where to stay in NYC with a baby, parents will love staying at the Midtown Four Seasons for their generous variety of baby-specific amenities, including:

  • Childproofing kits
  • Strollers
  • Bottle warmers
  • Diaper Genies
  • Complimentary toys
  • Babysitting services

They also offer an impressive array of amenities for older children, from coloring books and toys to a welcome package and DVD and video game rentals. Book a babysitter and enjoy the hotel spa or fitness center. Dine with the family at The Garden, a locally-sourced restaurant serving up New American fare. 

wondering where to stay in manhattan with a baby? Try the Four Seasons New York, its a surprisingly baby-friendly Manhattan hotel

Walk outside the lobby, and you’re practically standing in front of Balenciaga and Dior. Within walking distance of your stay, find Bloomingdale’s. E 57th Street has luxury brand flagship stores like Chanel and Bergdorf’s. For the family, walk a few blocks, and you’re in Central Park with easy access to the Pond. 

4. Iroquois Hotel Midtown

Halfway between Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park, stay at the Iroquois Hotel on W 44th Street. The Iroquois is a small boutique luxury hotel in Midtown with a legacy that’s over 100 years old. One of the best baby-friendly hotels in New York City, you get the personal attention you’d expect from a smaller hotel. When traveling with a baby in New York, don’t sacrifice indulgence for comfort.

The Iroquois Hotel is one of the best baby friendly new york city hotels in Midtown

The Iroquois Hotel offers a selection of rooms and suites with a timeless interior design that’s both contemporary and classic. In addition to all the regular amenities of the baby-friendly Manhattan hotels on our list, like complimentary cribs and free wifi, they also offer a variety of complimentary baby items including strollers, car seats, and baby tubs.

Ask for childproofing kits for your room or a bed rail for your toddler. The Iroquois Hotel offers a Family Fun Package that includes a late checkout time and a walking tour of New York. You’ll also receive complimentary breakfast for the family and a welcome package for older children.

You can always pack your own portable bed rails for toddlers!

when visiting Manhattan with a baby, check out the baby-friendly midtown hotel called the Iroquois Hotel

The excellent Midtown location of the Iroquois Hotel leaves you two blocks from Grand Central Station to the east and Times Square to the west. Or check out the New York Public Library Bryant Park, also two blocks south! You can also jump on any subway train at Grand Central Station and head to Lower Manhattan or even Coney Island.

5. Loews Regency New York – Upper East Side

Last but not least on our list of the best baby-friendly hotels in NYC, we have the upscale Loews Regency on the legendary Park Avenue. Serving the Upper East Side for over 50 years, every family will enjoy the expertise of the staff at Loews.

when visiting NYC with a baby, the Upper East Side is a great place to stay

Enjoy the spa or coffee shop with stunning modern interior design and beautiful artwork. Stay in a room or suite with pop art on the walls. They have adjoining rooms and offer all the basic amenities. 

Providing only the best, Loews Regency provides you with a luxury line of baby bath products. The hotel also offers special offers for older children, like board games, complimentary toys, and game rentals. Ask about childproofing kits for your room, and note that kids under 18 are free! 

where to stay in NYC with a baby - Upper East Side hotels

Enjoy the peace of an East Side neighborhood, only a few blocks from Central Park. Check out toddler-friendly playgrounds there, like the Billy Johnson Playground. We loved having picnics on a blanket in Central Park while our little one explored the grass! Visit the Central Park Zoo or take a stroller a little further north to Museum Row. 

Baby-Friendly New York Vacation Home Rentals

On our first several trips with our baby, we simply did as we always do on vacation – we rented a hotel room. Everything went great with these baby-friendly hotel rooms in Barcelona and Sedona, but it was on our trip to Paris and London with a toddler we discovered there are some advantages of staying in vacation home rentals (like Airbnb and VRBO).

Airbnb and VRBO rentals have many family-friendly features, especially for parents traveling with a baby. The biggest advantage is having separate bedrooms, which allows you to keep your bedroom lights on while your baby gets to sleep in a separate, quiet, dark room. Other baby-friendly features of vacation home rentals include a full kitchen and in-suite laundry facilities.

Consider Staying at an Airbnb or VRBO in NYC with a Baby

Baby-Friendly New York Apartment Rentals

  • This 1-bedroom baby-friendly New York apartment rental is located on 5th Avenue in the Upper East Side. With an envious location just steps from Central Park, this baby-friendly NYC apartment comes with a crib and a baby high chair.

  • This 2-bedroom baby-friendly NYC apartment rental is located in Midtown in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea. From this NYC vacation rental you can easily walk to the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the High Line (one of our favorite things to do in New York!)

The above two vacation rentals are good examples of the family-friendly accommodation in New York, but the selection doesn’t stop there. Read our tips on finding a baby-friendly Airbnb, then can browse many baby-friendly New York apartment rentals to find a place which is perfect for your family.

no matter where you stay in nyc with a baby, taking the subway makes it easy to get around

Essential Baby Gear for Hotel Stays

As you plan your trip to NYC with a baby, take a moment to consider the gear you need to travel with a baby. To help make your stay at your baby-friendly Manhattan hotel as successful as possible, you may wish to consider the following:

SlumberPod Privacy Pod

One of the hardest things about staying in a hotel room with a baby is sharing a room. When it’s time for your baby to nap or go to sleep for the night, most parents will need to sit silently in the dark until it’s safe to turn on a light. If your baby can see or hear you, it makes it significantly harder for your baby to get a good sleep (and good sleep is essential to have a happy, cooperative baby on your family trip).

image of boy on inflatable toddler bed in Slumberpod

The SlumberPod Privacy Pod is the perfect solution to this challenge. The SlumberPod is a large, bottomless canopy that fits over your baby’s travel crib or your toddlers travel cot. It’s made of a stretchy, black fabric that is breathable while still creating a dark blackout baby sleep pod. Your baby will sleep significantly better with a SlumberPod Privacy Pod, even if you are in the same room.

Use BABYCANTRAVEL$20 to get $10 off the SlumberPod when you buy direct from SlumberPod!

Still not sure if you need one for traveling with a baby? Read my full review of the SlumberPod here.

A Travel White Noise Machine

The SlumberPod solves the problem of making it dark enough for your baby to sleep in the same hotel room as you. A travel-friendly white noise machine or app will help solve the issue of your baby not being familiar with all the noises in your hotel room.

toddler playing with white noise machine - one of the best baby travel products

If you use your white noise machine at home prior to your family trip, bringing it with you will mimic your baby’s at home sleep environment. Check out our list of the best white noise machines for travel.

Baby Travel Essentials

When staying in a New York hotel with a baby, the combination of a SlumberPod and a white noise machine is an effective combination for a well-rested baby. To help make your family trip to the Big Apple as successful as possible, you should consider looking at your other baby travel gear needs.

Our list of must-have baby travel essentials covers the best baby travel gear for sleeping, for getting around, for eating and the all-important baby airplane travel gear.

As you can see in our guide to renting baby equipment, you don’t have to pack everything – you can rent it in NYC from a baby equipment rental company.

Visiting museum in NYC with a baby in baby carrier

We hope this list of the best baby-friendly hotels in NYC helps you have the best-ever family vacation!

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