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Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains – Review

One of our top recommendations for getting your baby to sleep on vacation is to create a similar sleep environment to the one you have at home. If your baby or toddler is accustomed to sleeping in a dark room, then the best you can replicate that while traveling the better sleep you’ll all have. You can easily do that with the Sleepout portable blackout curtains.

Using a set of the best travel blackout curtains will ensure a nice dark environment which works especially well when staying at grandparents or in an airbnb with a baby. Even visiting friends, you can put your toddler down for a nap in a spare room and know that you can quickly achieve pitch black darkness in a matter of minutes.

We’ve all been there, trying baby travel hacks to create DIY travel blackout curtains with the use of garbage bags, duct tape (or painter’s tape) and whatever other MacGyver type skills we can put to use. These solutions rarely achieve the results that we want, don’t block all the light or fall down at the worst possible moment. I’ve even tried using painter’s tape (which is worth having when traveling with toddlers!) and cushions to help with annoying light bleeds.

KidCo Peapod tent for traveling with toddlers
Using cushions to help with light bleeds in this airbnb.

If you’ve thought that there must be something better to help create a dark sleeping environment and block light bleeds, then you are right! Enter the Sleepout travel blackout curtains with suction cups.

Sleepout travel blackout blind in a carry-on suitcase

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Specifics of the Sleepout Travel Blackout Curtains

First off, it’s important to point out that while we give advice specific to travel with babies and toddlers, the Sleepout blackout blinds with suction cups would be useful for ANYONE trying to achieve a dark sleeping environment.

Here are some details on the Sleepout portable blackout curtain:

  1. The Sleepout Blackout Curtain can be installed on any window.
  2. It’s made of thermal insulating fabric that’s certified for it’s quality and free from harmful substances.
  3. The locking suction cups are industrial strength to stay up all night.
  4. Each travel blackout curtain panel measures 54” x 78”.
  5. You can install this temporary blackout curtain either vertically or horizontally.
  6. Total weight of one single panel blackout curtain is 1.95 lbs.

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iphone showing instructions for Sleepout portable curtains

What You’ll Find in the Bag:

When you receive your Sleepout suction cup blackout curtain, you’ll find two locking suction cups, one thermal insulating blackout travel blind panel and a travel bag.

zipping upTravel bag for Sleepout - best blackout curtain

Other options are to purchase a double pack or a 4 pack of travel blackout blinds. You can also purchase additional locking suction cups or optional Sleepout Pads that are reusable and work to eliminate light bleeds.

Setting up the Sleepout Blackout Curtain

If this is your first portable blackout curtain, then you’ll be glad to know that setup and takedown take only minutes. This is especially important for when you are just arriving at a new place and want to get your baby or toddler down to sleep after a long travel day.

It’s really as simple as taking the curtain out of the bag, setting up the locking suction cups on the window and attaching the blackout curtain. You can also use the Sleepout Pads to help with any annoying light bleeds.

Installing Sleepout blackout blinds with suction cups
woman using Sleepout pads for Sleepout portable blackout blind with suction cups

Packing up your Sleepout portable blackout curtain is equally as simple. The suction cups are easy to take off and once folded, you can pack your travel blackout blind and suction cups in the handy travel bag.

easy removal of Suction Cups for Sleepout travel blackout curtains

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Things we Love about the Sleepout Blackout Blind with Suction Cups

We recently had the opportunity to take the Sleepout single panel blackout curtain for a test run. Here’s a few reasons why we think this might just be the best blackout curtain for travel:

1. Creates a Dark Environment

The most important aspect of any portable blackout blind is that it actually creates darkness. After testing this travel blackout curtain, I can say that this is a promise that has definitely been delivered on. The Sleepout curtain completely darkens the room, which will also help with toddler and baby jet lag!

woman installing Sleepout portable blackout blind
Installing the Sleepout blackout curtain
showing pitch dark room with Sleepout portable blackout blind
Same camera setting with curtain up (exposure has been increased so you can see I’m still in the picture)

2. Thermal Insulating Blackout Fabric

In addition to complete darkness, the blackout fabric is thermal insulating. This means that even if the sun is beating in the room, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot! The curtain will pull double duty and help keep the room cool. This works for extra cold nights too!

woman installing Sleepout best blackout curtain

3. Industrial Strength Suction Cups

The suction cups are industrial strength, meaning they really hold on! You don’t want to worry about your portable blackout blinds falling down in the middle of the night.

4. Included Travel Bag

The travel carry bag is a nice touch. What’s even better is that it’s not hard to fit your single panel blackout suction blinds back in the bag. For parents short on time and needing to pack up, the last thing you want to worry about is struggling to get it packed up.

putting Sleepout travel blackout blinds into travel bag

5. Perfect Carry-on Size

The size of the curtain once folded is approximately 13 inches long by 6 inches tall. It fits easily in a standard size carry on. You could even pack it in your toddler travel suitcase.

Sleepout travel blackout curtain in suitcase with toddler travel bed

6. Easy Instructions You Won’t Lose

Rather than an instruction manual that you aren’t likely to have with you, the instructions are all online. You just need to scan the QR code, which is cleverly placed on the travel bag!

qr code for Sleepout portable blackout blinds on travel bag

Improvements to the Sleepout Portable Curtains

We always try to give a heads up to anything we didn’t love about a product, so you know what you are getting before you buy it. I was impressed with the quality of these portable curtains all around, from the thermal insulating fabric to the industrial strength suction cups.

If I had to pick one thing, it would be the price. While I don’t think these are over priced for what you get and the quality, it is a lot to spend if you don’t plan to use them often. If you travel frequently and getting a dark room is important then they are well worth the money.

Just keep in mind, that these aren’t just for babies and toddlers. Anyone who needs darkness to sleep would benefit from owning a set of these portable blackout curtains.

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Tips Before You Use Sleepout Travel Blackout Curtains

I always like to give our full experience when recommending a product. Given how simple these temporary blackout curtains are to install, I don’t have too many tips in that regard.

image of toddler sleeping with Sleepout travel blackout blind over window

Here are a few recommendations for travel blackout blinds:

Do you need a portable blackout curtain?

Before adding anything a portable blackout blind with suction cups your packing list, make sure it’s necessary. While I wouldn’t pack these for a stay in a resort or hotel (where the rooms often have large patio doors or blackout curtains already), they are ideal for a stay with grandparents or in a rental apartment. The size of each single panel blackout curtain is such that it should fit most windows. You can also use two at the same time.

Sleepout blackout travel blind travel bag

Give your baby or toddler time to explore

Before turning the room pitch dark, it’s still a new environment, so give your baby or toddler some time to explore in the room. This is especially true for babies or toddler who aren’t comfortable falling asleep anywhere.

Help baby and toddler jet lag

If you are concerned about jet lag, these Sleepout portable blackout curtains are ideal for getting your baby or toddler on local time. You can creating pitch black darkness at night when it’s time to sleep and even leave a little light for naps during the day.

Try before you go

While I understand that time is limited, learning how to use a new product when you need it isn’t always the best idea. If your destination involves a long travel day and flying with a baby, you’ll want to be prepared to get your baby to sleep quickly once you arrive.

Sleepout blackout curtains for bedroom on a window

Use discount code babycantravel for your Sleepout purchases!

We were gifted the Sleepout blackout curtain to try out, but all opinions remain our own.

Travel blackout curtains are one of the top items to get your baby to sleep on vacation. A few others that we always recommend are:

  1. White noise machine
  2. Baby travel crib
  3. Reclining travel stroller
  4. Baby travel tub

See the full list of 11 Must Have Baby Travel Items to Help Baby Sleep on Vacation here.

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