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The Best SlumberPod Alternatives

Nurseries are great for creating a cozy environment for babies to sleep in and for providing parents with a bit of privacy during the night. But all of this goes right out of the window when you are traveling as a family! From room sharing and the lack of blackout curtains, there are just too many things that might affect your baby’s sleep.

The solution? A SlumberPod or a SlumberPod alternative. It’s just one of those essential items you need to help baby sleep when on vacation. 

So what is a SlumberPod and why look for alternatives? A SlumberPod is an opaque cover that envelopes your baby’s crib. It blocks out external daylight and gives your child privacy. This in turn helps in getting baby to sleep on vacation.

The only problem is how expensive they can be especially if you don’t plan on traveling with your baby frequently! But worry not, because that’s where my handy list of SlumberPod alternatives comes in. 

image of slumberpod in hotel room

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What to Look For

Whether you call it a sleep tent, a blackout canopy, or something else, this baby travel essential comes in many forms. Your mode of travel, holiday destination, as well as your baby’s sleep habits and overall temperament, will determine which baby sleeping tent is ideal for you. To make this process easier, here are certain parameters to look for before buying one.

If a crib canopy isn’t for you, consider blackout curtains for travel like the Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain!


This is paramount to make sure that anything that comes in direct contact with your child is safe and secure. Make sure that the fabric of your crib tent is made from good, durable, and especially breathable materials. This will ensure that the tent does not overheat and prevent serious mishaps like suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from taking place.

Universal fit

When it comes to a baby canopy tent, size does matter. If the tent is too small, your child will probably reach out and move the tent around. This can cause accidents. On the other hand, if the tent is too big, it might create folds and crevices which can prove dangerous. 

Another important factor in fit is that it will fit different travel cribs and even toddler travel beds. The real benefit of the SlumberPod is that it can also work over toddler travel beds, ensuring the longevity of use. This makes the cost much easier to bear knowing you’ll be using it for years to come!

image of boy on inflatable toddler bed in Slumberpod

Ease of Cleaning

You do not want to look for a laundry service while holidaying with your family, but when with babies and toddlers, messes are inevitable! So, look for a canopy that is spill-proof, easy to wipe clean, and washing machine safe. 

Blackout Capacity

Your child’s sleeping habits and temperament will help you determine the blackout needs of your SlumberPod alternative. While some kids need complete darkness to sleep, others just need a little privacy, shielding from pests, and dim lights. The blackout capacities of tents range from less than 50% all the way up to 100%.


The unique selling point of any travel accessory is its portability because that’s what makes it so travel-friendly! Most sleep pods are not only easy to assemble and dismantle but are also pretty lightweight, making it easy to carry them around. Many options also include a case or a pouch for attaching to your diaper bag, so keep an eye out for those. 


While most sleep tent alternatives are easy to put together, care needs to be taken to secure them properly to ensure the safety of your child. These primarily include either ties or velcro strips, but some pods also use single or double zippers to open and close the panels.

Be careful when operating these as you do not want to be stuck with a broken zipper on holiday! When choosing your product, look for fasteners made with materials of superior quality to prevent any mishaps from happening. 

toddler boy in pack n play in Slumberpod Privacy Pod

Best SlumberPod Alternatives

Only use these crib tents and blackout canopies as the manufacturer intended. Be sure to read any specifics on where and how it can be used (i.e. only indoors in a climate controlled room).

Here are the best alternatives to the popular SlumberPod. While we still think the SlumberPod is the best option, we understand that it might not be possible for everyone to get one.

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Best SlumberPod Alternatives

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