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12 Best Baby Bathtubs for Travel

While planning a trip with a baby, parents are often left wondering about baby’s bath time. Depending on where your travels take you, a bathtub may or may not be available. This is where having the best baby bathtub for travel will be your saving grace!

If you’ve come looking for the best portable baby bathtub for travel, we’ll help you choose the right one!

One of the key things to remember when traveling with a baby is that babies love routine. Even when flying with a baby, incorporating parts of your normal routine will help keep your baby happy. Put Pjs on, read stories and sing songs, just like you would do at home.

If bath time is part of their daily bedtime schedule, it’s essential to follow this even while traveling to get your infant to sleep.

A tired baby can prove challenging for parents, and the goal in every family vacation is to keep your baby well-rested. A travel bathtub for baby can keep that routine similar and help those bedtimes go smoothly like at home.

We’ve rounded up this list of top baby travel bathtubs to make the search easier.

Whether you are looking for an inflatable baby bathtub or collapsible baby bathtub, this list will help you choose the best baby travel bath for your family.

portable bathtub for baby with smiling baby

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How to Choose the Best Baby Bathtub for Travel

When starting the search for the best baby travel bathtub, consider what type of travel you’ll be doing. Will you primarily be doing road trips with baby or flying to your destination.

How you pack and how much room you have will have an impact on choosing the baby travel bath that works best for your family (don’t forget those travel size baby products for bath time!).

Baby with green towel

There are two main types of portable baby bathtubs: inflatable baby bathtubs and foldable baby bathtubs.

Inflatable Bathtub for Babies and Toddlers

An inflatable baby bathtub provides an enjoyable bath environment for your baby or toddler. 

These inflatable baby travel bathtubs are easy to pack and can slip right into your suitcase, making them perfect for travel! Most of them are designed with a non-slip surface to ensure that your baby stays secure in one place, and a padded design to create a soft & comfy space for your baby to splash around in.

However, inflating your portable travel tub for each bath time can be a hassle. Even though most of them come with free air pumps, it’s one extra item to carry on your journey. 

Also, make sure to pick easy-to-clean bathtubs. A clean and dry tub prevents mold from forming in crevices.

Foldable Baby Bathtub for Toddlers and Babies

A Foldable bathtub is a hassle-free baby travel bath to add to your baby travel essentials. These foldable bathtubs for babies and toddlers are quick to assemble and space-saving, so that you have a smooth travel experience while maintaining your baby’s daily routine. 

While a foldable baby tub does fold down, it  may not easily fit in your suitcase, or you may not have the additional room in your suitcase for a foldable baby bathtub.

We’d recommend a foldable baby travel bathtub for road trips and camping with a baby over a trip that involves air travel. It will be much easier to just store it in the trunk or any other small space. 

Portable Baby Bathtub for Infants

If inflatable and foldable bathtubs can seem a little too big for your infant or newborn, a simple sink bather might be the solution for you.

They are compact, provide extra support for your baby, and come with an angled headrest that ensures your infants head remains above water level.

While traveling, you can use them to bathe your little one in almost any space that has a sink. Good options are this one or this one.

Infant getting bath in portable baby bathtub

12 Best Travel Bathtubs for Baby

Other Ideas on How to Bathe Baby When Traveling

If you aren’t interested in packing your own travel bathtub for babies or toddlers, there are other options for bathing your baby when traveling:

how to bathe baby in sink when traveling
  1. Take baby in with you

    You can take your baby into the bath or shower with you. Though please use extreme caution if taking a shower, since your baby will be very slippery.

  2. Use the hotel sink

    The hotel sink can work in a pinch for giving your baby a quick bath. Line the tub with a towel to keep your baby from slipping.

  3. Sponge bath

    If none of the above options work, laying your baby on a towel and using a warm washcloth can be a good substitute for bathing your baby while traveling.

Always make sure you test the water temperature and err on the side of warm instead of hot for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Don’t Forget These Baby Bath Essentials

Here are a few other things to add to your baby packing list! These baby bath essentials are perfect for travel with a baby:

Portable Baby Bathtub FAQs

How do you bathe a newborn when traveling?

To bathe a newborn when traveling, you have a few options:
1. Pack a portable baby bathtub for travel.
2. Take your infant in the tub or shower with you.
3. Use the bathroom sink, lined with a towel so your newborn doesn’t slip.
4. Lay out a towel and do a wipe down with a warm cloth.

What can I use instead of a baby tub?

Instead of packing a travel baby bathtub or renting one at your destination, you can take your baby in the shower with you, use the hotel room sink or use a warm washcloth.

How do toddlers shower in hotels?

If you are traveling with a toddler and want your toddler to shower in the hotel room, you can either shower with your toddler or sit your toddler on the shower floor. This works best if you can take down the shower head.

How do you bathe a baby when traveling?

To bathe a baby when traveling, you have a few options:
1. Pack a portable baby bathtub for travel.
2. Take your baby in the tub or shower with you.
3. Use the bathroom sink, lined with a towel so your baby doesn’t slip.
4. Lay out a towel and do a wipe down with a warm cloth.

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The Best Baby Bathtubs for Travel