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Best Portable Bed Rails For Toddlers

When your toddler no longer needs to sleep in a travel crib, moving to a big kid bed can make travel a little easier. While there’s some huge benefits of no longer lugging around a travel crib, hotel beds and those in rental apartments can still look terribly high up for your little one. Especially if your toddler moves around a lot at night.

This leaves you with two choices: you can pack a toddler travel bed or have your toddler sleep in the bed with some portable bed rails to make sure your toddler doesn’t roll out of bed.

Portable bed rails for toddlers are an excellent option when your toddler will be sharing a bed with you or having their own bed.

Investing in inflatable bed rails for your toddler’s bed is just one of the things you can do to put your mind at ease and ensure that both you and your child sleep easier at night.

That’s mainly what makes inflatable bed rails for toddlers one of the most practical toddler travel essentials.

Here’s a list of the 5 best portable toddler bed rails that we think you should consider before making your purchase!

cushions used to keep toddler in bed

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Best Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddlers

When to Pack Portable Bed Rails for Toddlers

If you are traveling with a toddler who is an active sleeper, then having inflatable bed bumpers will help keep your toddler on the bed! Especially if you’ve recently moved your toddler to a bid kid bed from the crib.

Here are just a few of the times when you’ll be glad you packed your portable bed rails:

1. Unfamiliar Sleep Environment

When Staying in a hotel or rental apartment, the sleep environment will be new to your toddler. Your toddler might have trouble sleeping or move around more at night. Keep your toddler in the bed by using a toddler bed rail on each side of the bed.

2. Create a Smaller Bed

If you’ve just moved your toddler to a big kid bed, having your toddler sleep in a hotel room bed might seem huge for your toddler. You can use the inflatable bed rails under a fitted sheet to create a smaller, more familiar bed for your toddler.

3. Extra High Beds

Regardless of whether you are staying in a hotel, at grandma’s house or a rental apartment, the beds are most likely to be much higher than your toddler bed at home. This makes it much more dangerous for active sleepers who might fall out of bed at night.

The portable bed rails, like the hiccapop inflatable bed rail or the Shrunks bed rail, will keep your toddler on the bed.

4. Sharing a Bed

Often sharing a hotel room with a toddler means you’ll also be sharing a bed. If you buy a two-pack inflatable bed rails, then use one between you to keep you from getting kicked all night long!

5. Kids Sharing Beds

Kids sharing beds is a great solution, but some kids seems to be practicing gymnastics when they sleep. Using an inflatable bed rail between the kids can help keep them form waking each other up as they move around in their sleep.

toddlers sharing a bed

Benefits of Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddlers

While packing inflatable bed rails for toddlers might just seems like one more thing to pack, there are some benefits of using these instead of creating makeshift bed bumpers.

Here are some of the benefits of inflatable bed rails for toddlers:

1. Create a Smaller Bed

These portable bed rails fit under the sheet and can be placed where you need them to create a smaller more familiar sleeping environment for your toddler.

2. Get a Better Sleep

Using a toddler bed rail between you and your toddler can help you get a better sleep by keeping those little feet from kicking you all night!

3. Take up Less Room

While pillows and rolled up blankets also work, an inflatable travel bed rail takes up less room on the bed, leaving more room for everyone.

4. Stay in Place

Again, pillows and rolled up blankets can work, but they can get flattened and more around easier. Inflatable bed rails have grip strips to keep them in place. The hiccapop inflatable bed rail even has a silicon-bottom safety flap extension that uses body weight to keep it in place. And because they are inflatable, they should keep their size and shape all night.

5. Keep Toddlers in the Bed

This is the most obvious reason to use a travel bed rail, but it will keep your toddler in the bed. A toddler bed rail will help everyone get a good sleep while on vacation.

Other Alternatives to Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddlers

If you aren’t interested in buying more toddler travel gear, there are other alternatives to buying portable bed rails. Some aren’t as effective, but they can work in a pinch.

using cushions for sleeping toddler

Our toddler is an extremely active sleeper, so when we share a bed or have him sleep in his own bed on a family holiday, we always need to put some precautions in place. Even sleeping in a large queen size bed on his own, he’s managed to fall out.

Some ways we’ve fixed this is by putting a rolled up blanket under the fitted sheet. The issues with this option is that you don’t always have enough extra blankets available when you travel. The blankets can also get flattened over time or won’t be high enough to prevent your toddler from rolling out.

We’ve also used pillows around him, under the fitted sheets. This works in hotel rooms when you have plenty of extra pillows. The problem with this solution is the pillows can move around and they take up a lot of room when sharing a bed (either yourself or with kids sharing).

A pool noodle under the fitted sheet can be another alternative. This one is best saved for road trips with a toddler when you have the space to pack a pool noodle.

We will always move the bed up to a wall when we can so we have one safe side. While not perfect, these ideas above will work in a pinch!

Our preferred option, especially when traveling internationally and being limited on what we can pack, is to travel with an inflatable toddler travel bed with built in bumpers. This gives our toddler his own space to sleep and our older daughter can sleep soundly in a bed (she doesn’t move much). Sometimes we still find him on the floor from moving so much, but he rarely even wakes up when this happens!

Toddler on inflatable toddler travel bed in hotel room

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