San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

A toddler gets close to a picture of a seal at the San Diego Zoo

Our 2.5 year old daughter loves zoo animals – she would visit the zoo every day if she had a chance. It was a no-brainer to add the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park to our itinerary when we were looking for things to do in San Diego with a toddler and a baby. We were excited to take her to see the many San Diego Zoo animals that aren’t found in our local zoo, especially the pandas, polar bears, koalas and orangutans.

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Airplane Bed for Toddlers – Flyaway Kids Bed Review

Getting toddlers to sleep on plane with flyaway kids bed

As parents, there’s nothing quite as bad as being stuck in a cramped space and trying to manage an overactive toddler. Though the flight is just a small part of the trip, we all still want it to go well, but there are no guarantees when flying with a toddler. There is one thing that can help improve a flight with a toddler immensely and that’s getting a toddler to sleep on the airplane. If only there were airplane beds for toddlers?😉

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8 Sun Safety Tips for Babies on a Beach Vacation

Travel with baby

A beach vacation with a baby is perfect for the whole family. Tired parents will love the relaxing tropical scenery of the beach, while babies will love playing in the sand and water! But the sun is powerful in the tropics and there is rarely shade on the beach, so you’ll need to take extra steps to protect your baby from the sun.

Having the right gear is essential to keeping your baby safe in the tropical sun. To protect your baby from the sun, you’ll need the right baby beach clothing, approved baby sunblock and a sun shade for babies to keep your baby cool in the sun.

Sun safety for babies is a primary concern of new parents, but there are a few other things to be aware of. If your beach holiday with baby takes you to the tropics, there are additional tropical safety concerns to be aware of such as diarrhea, tropical diseases and insect bites.

Here are eight safety tips for taking your baby on a tropical beach holiday:

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Seville with a Baby

As someone who has written about travel on the internet for 8 years, I was keen to explore family travel as soon as possible after having my daughter, Indiana. Of course, the reality was a little different than expected (turns out motherhood is actually quite tricky) and we didn’t get around to taking our first trip abroad as a family until she was 10 months old.

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