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Best Baby Beach Tents

A beach vacation is the ideal vacation to take with a baby. Imagine relaxing as a family on the white sand beach with the ocean stretching out in front of you. All that fresh ocean air, it’s perfect for lounging with your baby at the beach. Pack along all the baby beach essentials, including one of these best baby beach tents and you’ll be able to relax knowing your baby is safe out in the sun.

Having the right gear, and especially a way to keep your baby out of the sun, is top of our list for baby sun safety and will make for a much more enjoyable beach vacation with a baby. While it might seem extreme to pack a baby tent for the beach in your luggage, you’ll be glad you have it when you spend hours on the beach.

Mother and baby in baby beach tent on the beach

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What to Look for in the Best Baby Beach Tent

UV Protection – Whether you are planning an all-inclusive vacation with a baby or a week at the lake, a tent is an invaluable baby and toddler beach essential to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays. The baby or toddler beach tent you purchase should have UV protection to keep your baby’s skin safe.

Stakes – It can get windy on the beach. If you use your beach shade for baby primarily near the ocean, you’ll want to make sure it comes with fillable sand bags and stakes.

beach with all baby beach essentials

Ventilation – You want your baby to be comfortable and not overheat while on the beach. Many of the beach tents have 360 degree ventilation or at a minimum a back window you can open to let the air flow. A portable fan will help keep baby cool too.

Compact – If you plan to fly with your toddler beach tent, you’ll want it to fit in a suitcase. If you primarily drive to the beach, then size is less of a factor.

Ease of Set-up – There are so many pop-up tents for the beach that make setting up a shade tent for babies a breeze! The frustration comes when it’s time for folding the baby beach tent. Many of them use a twist & fold method to get them back in a circular form to fit in the travel bag. It’s best to watch a video and practice folding baby tents for the beach at home before your vacation.

Check out all these baby beach hacks and don’t miss our favorite baby-friendly all-inclusive resorts.

Price – Price of tents for babies at the beach is always a factor and how much you spend will depend on how much use you plan to get out of it. Consider how often you’ll use your baby beach tent, or buy one that isn’t just for the beach.

Size – Do you need a baby sun tent for multiple children or just your baby. Will you want to be in the beach tent as well? Thinking about this will help you decide what size will work best for your family.

Multi-Purpose – Beach tents for babies don’t have to be just for the beach. You can get even more use out of it by using your baby beach tent as a place for your baby to play while in the yard or camping with a baby. Travel tents like the KidCo PeaPod and Joovy Gloo can be used as both beach shade for baby and later as a toddler travel bed.

Full Sun Coverage – Find a beach tent for babies that will provide full coverage for keeping your baby out of the sun.

Age of your Baby – The age of your baby will also be a big factor. An infant beach tent can be small enough to give your baby a well-protected place to sleep while on the beach. For older babies and toddlers, you’ll want a larger space where your toddler can sit and play.

Best Baby Beach Tents

Don’t Forget These Baby Beach Accessories

You’ve got your baby’s tent figured out, here are a few other items to add to your baby packing list for the beach:

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The Best Baby Beach Tents