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Best Baby Sun Hats for Travel, Beach Days and Hiking

Babies have more delicate skin than adults, making them more susceptible to sunburn and damage caused by the harsh sun. And while there is sun protective apparel aplenty to help with this, we doubt many will be as cute as a baby sun hat! A baby sun hat is always on our baby travel checklist and we never forget to pack it!  

Infant sun hats come in various styles, like wide-brimmed floppy hats and bucket hats, as well as in a range of sizes, from hats that fit newborns to toddlers up to the age of 4!

With our comprehensive list of the best baby sun hats out there and tips on how to choose one, you will have the right one on your baby’s head in no time! Plus they are small enough to just toss in your baby diaper bag backpack and have with you all the time.

mother holding smiling baby who is wearing one of the best baby sun hats
Our 9 month old in a baby sun hat in New Mexico.

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Best Baby Sun Hats

A baby sun hat is one of our top baby beach essentials (and don’t forget some of these adorable baby sunglasses)! The sun hats for babies in our list are great for travel with babies or even hiking with a baby!

What to Look for in a Baby Sun Hat

Everyone knows that long-term exposure to the sun damages the skin. That’s why it’s so important to use sunscreen after your baby turns 6 months old, follow sun safety tips for babies, and choose the right sun hat for them. Take into account the following 10 things to look for to find the best sun hat for baby. 

1. Coverage

Coverage, when it comes to the best sun hats for baby, depends on two main factors: the width of the brim and the presence or absence of neck flaps. What you want to keep an eye out for is a hat that covers the ears, face, and neck. 

A sun hat with an all-around 3-inch brim is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. However, it’s also the case that many manufacturers online simply do not state the brim width in their product descriptions, which unfortunately leaves us guessing by the pictures.

baby girl sitting in inflatable pool wearing best baby sun hat
Our daughter playing in an inflatable pool wearing a sun hat.

Our suggestion? Measure and calculate your baby’s head diameter and subtract it from the total width of the sun hat. Then, divide that by 2 to arrive at the brim width. Yup, we did the math and came up with a formula for you – you’re welcome. 

As far as neck flaps go, just look for a sun hat that has a long piece of fabric that extends down till your baby’s throat. Depending on the type of clothing your baby wears and how comfortable they are with an additional layer, you might find that this one might not be as necessary. But we certainly recommend it! We have sun hats with and without neck flaps on our list so that you can pick the one that is right for your baby.

If your baby needs some time out of the sun a stroller sun shade or one of these baby beach tents is a great way to keep your baby away from the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Sun Protection

Babies need adult supervision at all times, especially when they are out in the sun, to protect them from overheating and the effects of the harsh sunlight. A sun hat with a UPF50+ rating that blocks 98% of the sun’s rays does a good job of helping with that and reduces the risk of exposure dramatically.

3. Adjustable

Because all babies heads are different shapes and sizes, it is important to buy a hat that can be adjusted. This also helps keep it in rotation for longer as your child grows. Most of the brands out there come with either elasticized backs or adjustable toggles.

4. Under the Chin Straps to Stay on

The best sun hats have adjustable chin straps that keep them in place despite fidgety fingers and extra windy days. While this feature is basically essential when it comes to functionality, it can occasionally prove to be somewhat difficult to maneuver. 

The issue arises with infants who haven’t yet developed the dexterity to loosen the ties if they really need to, and toddlers, on the other hand, who find nothing more entertaining than tugging on the dangling strings under their chins! To combat this issue, some brands feature chin straps that incorporate a breakaway “no choke” fastener for extra security and to avoid any mishaps from taking place. These are definitely worth keeping an eye out for! 

baby sitting on beach wearing one of the best baby boy sun hats
Our son in a bucket sun hat for babies in San Diego.

5. Breathability

Look for sun hats with mesh vents or holes for ventilation to help keep your baby feeling cool, dry, and happy. Always keep a close watch on your little one to make sure they do not overheat as babies are not born with the ability to regulate their own temperature. 

Use a stroller fan or handheld fan with a mister like this one to keep your baby cool!

6. Washability

Outdoor fun in the summer is a dusty and sweaty affair, especially if you are on the beach with a baby or out camping with your little one. That’s why a baby sun hat for travel should be easy to wash and quick to dry as well. Purchase a machine-washable one for maximum convenience.

7. Use for Swimming

An all-inclusive vacation with a baby means one thing for sure – plenty of time in the water! Whether it be at the pool or a beach, your baby will need their sun hat ready to use and comfortably dry. This means that apart from being breathable, the sun hat’s material should also be waterproof or at least water-resistant with quick-drying properties.

Baby sitting in lake with mountains in background wearing one of the best baby girl sun hats
Our daughter wearing a sun hat with chin strap in Canmore, Alberta Canada.

8. Packable

Traveling with an infant or a baby is challenging enough. We do not need bulky accessories that add to our luggage or unnecessarily stretch out our on-the-go bags. The good news is that most sun hats are designed in a way that allows them to either be folded flat or rolled up to fit perfectly into a diaper bag or under a stroller, eliminating this issue entirely.

9. Suitable Size

If an accessory doesn’t fit a baby just right, you better believe they’re going to kick up a fuss about it. Play it safe and measure your baby’s head circumference before making a purchase. Even if the product’s size chart goes by age, keep in mind that every baby grows differently so it’s best to rely on measurements above all else.

10. Style

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby in a sun hat! There are a variety of brands and products out there that offer different colors, quirky prints, elegant patterns, and unique styles. Whether it’s a baby straw sun hat, a baseball visor, or a floppy hat, all the products on this list will keep your baby safe from the sun, so you might as well choose the best baby sun hat that offers plenty of good photo ops!

bother walking with baby in carrier wearing pink infant sun hat
Carrying our 9 month old baby wearing a sun hat in NYC.

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The Best Baby Sun Hats for Travel

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